10 CRAZY Movie Theater Stereotypes

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  • Jenna Trigilio
    Jenna Trigilio18 minutter siden

    4:51 me when i wake up butt early and im sad about it

  • glitch
    glitch2 timer siden


  • Erin Chapman
    Erin Chapman2 timer siden

    I have this problems all the time at the movies 🎥😶

  • daniel riley
    daniel riley2 timer siden


  • Tracy Abernathy
    Tracy Abernathy3 timer siden

    You scream so loud unspeakable

  • Dylan Means
    Dylan Means4 timer siden

    I like your channel

  • Dylan Means
    Dylan Means4 timer siden

    This is the part real I keep laughing two parts to two so funny I keep it up laughing in the salt farts it’s funny ding ding computer the computer the computer well I got Lego Lego mayonnaise mayonnaise not mix

  • Dylan Means
    Dylan Means4 timer siden

    Will watch this does sorry dial one that’s not like you brought friend and it’s so funny

  • Jana Maltby
    Jana Maltby4 timer siden

    Here’s one of the hated things in movie theaters: Covid-19 (Lol). Edit: During the adult child I was like LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  • jaydenn lara
    jaydenn lara7 timer siden

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahà when unspeakable was the baby at the problem child😂😂😂

  • Gianna Savignano
    Gianna Savignano12 timer siden

    My dad

  • Gianna Savignano
    Gianna Savignano12 timer siden

    I like your videos👍

  • Zaxh Plays
    Zaxh Plays18 timer siden

    me: *laugh*

  • Ava Rerick
    Ava Rerick23 timer siden

    Me: watching unspeakable in the middle of the night Also me: starts laughing My parents: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!

  • Jaxxkrynth
    JaxxkrynthDag siden

    4:50 when i wake up to go to school for 5 hours

  • RomeBoi Gamer
    RomeBoi GamerDag siden

    Yeah totally y’know when you go to the movies in 2020

  • Cassie Cantu
    Cassie CantuDag siden

    I was laughing so hard that I almost pooped in my pants

  • Cassie Cantu
    Cassie CantuDag siden

    I want

  • David Luckie
    David LuckieDag siden

    1 person:watching the best movie in there life in a empty movie theater Moment later: 1000 people bust through the door

  • Skinny Path
    Skinny PathDag siden

    Me:crazy! Unspeakable:gogo gaga gogo WAWAwAAAAaA Me:lol

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel RodriguezDag siden

    I seen chit chapters in the movie theater

  • Timea Major
    Timea MajorDag siden

    *The adult child* My brain: My dad

  • Jana Maltby

    Jana Maltby

    4 timer siden


  • Craig Michael
    Craig MichaelDag siden


  • marijana bogosavac
    marijana bogosavacDag siden

    4:16 i died of laughing

  • Rachel Ponte
    Rachel PonteDag siden


  • Marcus Power
    Marcus PowerDag siden

    my sister charlotte

  • Kitty army Team
    Kitty army Team2 dager siden

    #1 is the funniest

  • المستشار محمد الدويخ
    المستشار محمد الدويخ2 dager siden

    Jejejjdhej Usbsbb KB ba😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Laila Steinhoff
    Laila Steinhoff2 dager siden

    At the movie theater where I live, there are those people who put the foot on the back of your chair and jiggle your seat. It is the worst!!!!

  • Sobia Kashmary
    Sobia Kashmary2 dager siden


  • Skyler Wiley
    Skyler Wiley2 dager siden

    There are also starburst eaters and they make so much noise unwrapping them

  • Kelly Cline
    Kelly Cline2 dager siden

    When unspeakable was a baby I laughed so hard

  • Kelly Cline

    Kelly Cline

    2 dager siden

    @Victor Dominguez lol ikr it was. So funny

  • Victor Dominguez

    Victor Dominguez

    2 dager siden

    Me to

  • Yoona Lee
    Yoona Lee3 dager siden

    Me:watching peacefully when unspeakble is a baby Me:am out this is disgusting

  • Maylee Green
    Maylee Green3 dager siden

    You guys are the best NOlocalrs ever P.s. like if you thank so to

  • Hailey Seibert
    Hailey Seibert3 dager siden

    My favorite part of the video was when unspeakable was a baby🤣👁👄👁

  • deku / izuku midoriya
    deku / izuku midoriya3 dager siden

    Also live the video the first one is todale my sis

  • deku / izuku midoriya
    deku / izuku midoriya3 dager siden

    Was that a toga wig Frome mha

  • Cullin Spiewak
    Cullin Spiewak3 dager siden


  • Ksenia Wright
    Ksenia Wright3 dager siden


  • Aishath Shizna
    Aishath Shizna3 dager siden


  • Bella J
    Bella J3 dager siden

    The baby one was hllaris

  • Danielle Clarke
    Danielle Clarke3 dager siden


  • Ksenia Wright
    Ksenia Wright4 dager siden


  • Declanz Jamz
    Declanz Jamz4 dager siden

    I laughed

  • Declanz Jamz
    Declanz Jamz4 dager siden

    So hard during the baby part when unspeakable was a little baby

  • Byron Aguilar (Student)
    Byron Aguilar (Student)4 dager siden

    Idk if it just me but I think I saw air coming from the air horn

  • Josh Burk
    Josh Burk4 dager siden

    The baby one is SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cousin Jeremiah
    Cousin Jeremiah4 dager siden

    Baby unspeakable in a dark green blanket and we’re clout goggles now that’s what’s up

  • Cousin Jeremiah

    Cousin Jeremiah

    4 dager siden

    I meant and now That’s what’s up

  • Itz_Spongebob Sparepants
    Itz_Spongebob Sparepants4 dager siden

    I watch this when I was really sick and one day when I was watching your videos I felt better so I think you cured my sickness I don’t know yet

  • Lilly
    Lilly4 dager siden

    People are saying that you are in the hospital I don’t believe that because you’re making Minecraft videos how can you make a Minecraft videos

  • Deniss Barantsukov
    Deniss Barantsukov4 dager siden

    I watched the problem child like 20 times

  • Deniss Barantsukov
    Deniss Barantsukov4 dager siden

    The funnest one was problem child

  • Channarong Reinelt

    Channarong Reinelt

    3 dager siden

    U meant funniest right?

  • Nur Fitri
    Nur Fitri4 dager siden


  • Sasha Brown
    Sasha Brown5 dager siden

    haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Holt
    Jay Holt5 dager siden

    That blonde wig looks like himiko toga :0

  • Chantel Moreno
    Chantel Moreno5 dager siden

    You’re making unspeakable need to go to the doctor 👨‍⚕️

  • Andrew Pohl
    Andrew Pohl5 dager siden

    This is how many people have gone through the seat kicker

  • Dimitrije Curovic

    Dimitrije Curovic

    5 dager siden

    So only 1

  • Izhar Jamai
    Izhar Jamai5 dager siden

    That's funny when unspeakable scearm at his other brother😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Heccan Nollsju
    Heccan Nollsju5 dager siden

    U missed tho 1. The person that plays loud music everywhere

  • Rene Castillo
    Rene Castillo5 dager siden

    not video is so funny

  • Student Diya Rana
    Student Diya Rana5 dager siden

    unspeakable you r

  • Justin Fernandezz
    Justin Fernandezz6 dager siden

    Yoo the problem child is to funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Justin Fernandezz

    Justin Fernandezz

    Dag siden

    James: sippy sippy sippy Nathan: waaaaaaaaa Gabe: ahhhh

  • Jennifer Linnane
    Jennifer Linnane6 dager siden


  • Deniss Barantsukov
    Deniss Barantsukov6 dager siden

    James:sippy sippy sippy sippy Nathan:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Ali Saad
    Ali Saad6 dager siden

    70% that’s crazy

    TRYSTYN MONK6 dager siden


  • Amanda Farley
    Amanda Farley7 dager siden

    My kitten is scratching my walls 😭😭😭😭

  • Nathalie Chavez
    Nathalie Chavez7 dager siden

    That's so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mardik Shameondarbrody
    Mardik Shameondarbrody7 dager siden

    Unspeakable when are you going to play Among Us with jelly

  • Maddison Tingley

    Maddison Tingley

    6 dager siden

    10:13 they started shouting about fridges 🤣

  • Elizabeth Ehle
    Elizabeth Ehle7 dager siden

    6:47 replied

  • Becky Parkes
    Becky Parkes7 dager siden

    Haha the baby one

  • Becky Parkes

    Becky Parkes

    7 dager siden

    I like the foot 9n

  • Tyler animal catching and games
    Tyler animal catching and games7 dager siden

    The toga wig in the beginning sent me

    SANJANA MORE7 dager siden

    when unspekable was the baby how many people laughed 1 like = 1 min of laughter

  • Tom Zak
    Tom Zak7 dager siden

    4:50 is now my ringtone Yea I literally set that as my ringtone On loop

  • Tom Zak

    Tom Zak

    Dag siden

    @Margaret Mitchell its not actually on loop its just repeats 2 times

  • Margaret Mitchell

    Margaret Mitchell

    6 dager siden


  • Archee Austria
    Archee Austria7 dager siden


  • Ronaldo Hirmiz
    Ronaldo Hirmiz8 dager siden

    Popcorn so no you idiot stop😂😂

  • Sythgames
    Sythgames8 dager siden

    4:33 why dos the baby aka unspeakable say p p poo poo

  • Sythgames
    Sythgames8 dager siden

    1:11 is this asmr

  • Tom Zak

    Tom Zak

    7 dager siden

    Yes it is

  • Unstoppable intergalactic Sloth
    Unstoppable intergalactic Sloth8 dager siden

    People throw popcorn at me

  • Crazy Guy Oscar
    Crazy Guy Oscar9 dager siden

    My favourite part when he is baby and spat the water out

  • Vicky Murray
    Vicky Murray9 dager siden

    Someone how throws banans that is sooo annoying I done it once!

  • Frosty Plays
    Frosty Plays9 dager siden

    Gu gu gaga THAT MADE ME LAUG LIKE HECK 4:21

  • bob ASD
    bob ASD9 dager siden


  • Máté Lukács
    Máté Lukács10 dager siden

    5:53 best part

  • Jaca Husic
    Jaca Husic10 dager siden

    YFGHV Baby fgjg👶🤱🤰

  • Melissa Brodt
    Melissa Brodt10 dager siden


  • Gavin Young
    Gavin Young10 dager siden

    i was in a movie theater and this person scremed the hole time

  • Emma Spaz Playz
    Emma Spaz Playz10 dager siden

    my fav part is de child

  • Ben Hagan
    Ben Hagan10 dager siden


  • Haraldur Teitsson
    Haraldur Teitsson10 dager siden

    Videos of great and funny😂😂🤣

  • kyrie gullon
    kyrie gullon10 dager siden

    4:44 baby ........ kill gabe and his mommy im dieing see that

  • Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez10 dager siden

    4:59 poor gabe 😂🤣🤣

  • Christine Mori
    Christine Mori11 dager siden

    whenever im watching a movie with my friend we share food so I get like chocolate or something and I have to share so I give it to her and she make crumbs all over my lap. its ANNOYING

  • John McReynolds
    John McReynolds11 dager siden

    My name is John what happened to me in the movie

  • Supreme YDC
    Supreme YDC11 dager siden

    You are my favorite NOlocalr in the world can I be shot out in one of your video

  • Supreme YDC

    Supreme YDC

    11 dager siden

    I love your comment

  • Wenjing Xue
    Wenjing Xue11 dager siden

    v。 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbnbbbbbbbbnbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  • braveD
    braveD11 dager siden

    Hi unspeakable

  • braveD
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  • Ryan Pflaume
    Ryan Pflaume12 dager siden

    The most funny was the problem child

  • Ryan Pflaume

    Ryan Pflaume

    12 dager siden

    The foot rester was the 2nd funniest In my opinion