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    GO To my Instagram if you wanna be in a giveaway for the signed art piece!

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    Can anyone watch my video???

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    It was soo funny when U called moosecraft

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    Tell James I like his shoes

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    Awesome art

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    Unspeakable I have a great idea for a vid 2v2 you and Preston vs Gabe and James

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    Love you and I love your vids

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    8:53 XDDDD

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    7:10 does james say meow

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    I have no cash so i cant enter :( and i live in ecuador rip and freak me :(

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    Among us?

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    Why the US only

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    I'm so sad I can't cause I'm poor but it's sooooo sad cause it ends on my birthday XD

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    I purchased the pencil

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    Where is Moosecraft now

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    Did any one notice that when James and Gabe are talking they are talking about food or animals

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    What a coincidence it ends when ever I go back to school after MY whole entire class has been through QUARANTINE!!!! FLIP

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    i would buy the nintendo but i don't have the money.

  • Abdiel Guzman
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    I would buy a nintendo but i don't have the money

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    Again with the TickTock trends come on they take up too much information if you sign up for TickTock plus everyone’s into a Among Us now

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    I got a hat a shirt and a frog.

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    Speakable start playing more building battles with Preston

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    Can you give me a five in tendo switch and ps4 and i'm going to give you a great time and money to show i need i need money to buy airpod pro and can i have all of flashy and squishy toy

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    why can't you do it in canada

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    You guys are so good at copying these

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    I I wish I can get the mirch I'm a girl but I can't

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    Nathan: he straight up got in his car! Moose: where u at bro Nathan: u got pranked bro I filmed a tik tok trends vid I tried with Preston and gabe was the speech guy !! Moose: are you kidding me bro!

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    Here is another way to do it you put 3 drops every and throw it and it is like sprial tye-dye

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    I love all the videos that you make and can you make more videos please

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    Me and my friend tried to make cloud bread and it turned into some sort of salty egg

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    love ur vid but the thing that got me that was funny was yuo saying "heres the thing i am giving 25 switches and 25 ps4's." just when the ps5 came out lol :)

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    Nathan: This mans just zipped his shoes how does that make any sense Me: Nothing makes sense in 2020 anymore

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