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  • Heather Meeks
    Heather Meeks2 timer siden

    Lol the kazoo

  • Alkhair Mohammed
    Alkhair Mohammed3 timer siden

    Is unspeakable where this glasses on whole video

  • Tia jade Bardason
    Tia jade Bardason3 timer siden

    Haha wen Nathan had the dollar’s on top of house

    WASIM LAIQ KHAN5 timer siden

    jk jk jk jk jk

  • Dennis Kitchen
    Dennis Kitchen5 timer siden

    The pot when you were destroying his cooking I laughed so hard my back hurts

  • Stacey Chapman
    Stacey Chapman5 timer siden


  • Jessica Patterson
    Jessica Patterson10 timer siden

    Unspeakable is loud

  • machilai
    machilai12 timer siden

    9:37 That was so funny

  • Foxy Knoxy
    Foxy Knoxy12 timer siden

    Gabe and James being annoyed unspeakable going crazy

  • Foxy Knoxy
    Foxy Knoxy12 timer siden

    Everyone who noticed gave said a bad word | | \/

  • WaterPulse Gaming
    WaterPulse Gaming13 timer siden

    I saw an add with the hacksmith

  • karen witthoeft
    karen witthoeft13 timer siden

    you are my favorite youtuber

  • Cathern Rosser
    Cathern Rosser13 timer siden

    James- *talks about the cookies* Nathan- *Throws in bag of ice* James- OF ICE

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller14 timer siden

    The cookies look great🥴🤢🤮

  • Doggylover 2k
    Doggylover 2k14 timer siden

    I love unspeakable

  • Paul Tolzmann
    Paul Tolzmann14 timer siden

    James: are you farting. Gabe: NO

  • RyanThing Forfun
    RyanThing Forfun14 timer siden


  • Carson Demers
    Carson Demers15 timer siden

    In the thumbnail Gabe it eating a green popcorner

  • Alison Koehler
    Alison Koehler15 timer siden

    are you sure it is your friends you are annoying or your viewers? 😂

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins16 timer siden

    That's hilarious

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins16 timer siden


  • Suzanne Flynn
    Suzanne Flynn16 timer siden


  • Paul Olivares
    Paul Olivares17 timer siden

    It’s a war 0:30

  • Alvin Lu
    Alvin Lu17 timer siden

    Nathan: pretty pretty princess pretty pretty princess James: Laughing but annoyed* Gabe: laughing* Me: LAUGHING TO DEATH AND SING PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS

  • keylimekitty pop
    keylimekitty pop18 timer siden

    James : that's a whole dall

  • Nelson Schnell
    Nelson Schnell19 timer siden


  • gabitza6522
    gabitza652219 timer siden

    ma knees

  • gabitza6522
    gabitza652219 timer siden

    the noises they make: KAKAKAKA (what)

  • The Resmans
    The Resmans20 timer siden

    i flipping loved that part at 6:00

  • Philippa Graham-Palmer
    Philippa Graham-Palmer20 timer siden

    i would scream i were James or Gabe

  • Jireh Spears
    Jireh Spears20 timer siden

    You going my birthday party

  • First Last!
    First Last!22 timer siden


  • Theodore Pavon
    Theodore Pavon22 timer siden

    my favorit part is when unspeakabal stomps on the waffel maker

  • Piper Buck
    Piper BuckDag siden

    Them: Screaming Me: Turning the volume down because it's 7:47 in the morning

  • Alfian Ibrahimovic Tristano
    Alfian Ibrahimovic TristanoDag siden

    9:00 THe best part i died cuz laughing to hard xD

  • tara hooks
    tara hooksDag siden


  • FNaF Gamer Tamer Red eyed
    FNaF Gamer Tamer Red eyedDag siden

    0:36 HALO 7!!!!!

    WAN TALMIZIDag siden

    Dat not nice

  • Joel Carias Teo
    Joel Carias TeoDag siden

    the discripshine should be 7 WAYS TRIGGER your friends

  • Aaron Gilbert
    Aaron GilbertDag siden


  • Cecilia Martinez
    Cecilia MartinezDag siden

    I love how chill James is when unspeakable is when he ruins the cookies

  • Bellis4u


    13 timer siden


  • stomedylover 657
    stomedylover 657Dag siden

    nathan yeets bench

  • Anna Malikov
    Anna MalikovDag siden

    That's loud!

  • Alli Townley
    Alli TownleyDag siden


  • Alli Townley
    Alli TownleyDag siden


  • Alli Townley
    Alli TownleyDag siden

    I’m sorry streams of how Mr. unspeakable is acting in this video right but I’m in love with you awesome Mr. unspeakable can you make of the Murch zero lying like Friday it’s called Black Friday so yeah

  • Alli Townley
    Alli TownleyDag siden

    Bruh what’s wrong with you what’s wrong with QQ what’s wrong with you it’s not you but tell James that I’m in love with him and I’m eight teen by bye

  • RenegadeDoggy
    RenegadeDoggyDag siden

    That 2nd sense he looks like Georgenotfound

  • Noah Casale
    Noah CasaleDag siden

    i know how im amazing at it

  • chao zhang
    chao zhangDag siden

    It’s not just a prank, it’s a laughing

  • Walter Kelly
    Walter KellyDag siden


  • Cceserah K
    Cceserah K2 dager siden

    Haha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Theresa Romano
    Theresa Romano2 dager siden

    pretty snnoying not gonna lie (ー_ー)!!

  • Declan Friesen
    Declan Friesen2 dager siden


  • Camocakes
    Camocakes2 dager siden

    It’s not how to annoy your friends it’s how to hurt your friends

  • Greta Briggs
    Greta Briggs2 dager siden

    What country do you live in?

  • jeana linzy
    jeana linzy2 dager siden

    No he didn’t like that chair though ha ha Ha

  • Silly Minds
    Silly Minds2 dager siden

    I herd someone say money money money money money money like Mr. crabs 🦀

  • Sylas time
    Sylas time2 dager siden

    i love you

  • Tao Mei
    Tao Mei2 dager siden


  • Tao Mei
    Tao Mei2 dager siden


  • Tgm/the golden minecart
    Tgm/the golden minecart2 dager siden

    1:00 willy wonka wants to know your location

  • Jason Lovero
    Jason Lovero2 dager siden

    20:14 this made me laugh

  • Becky Hicks
    Becky Hicks2 dager siden

    roses are red violets are blue i got clickbaited and give this man one view

  • Iam POTATO!
    Iam POTATO!2 dager siden

    I don't think I need to watch this video bc I'm annoying ; -;

  • Alli Townley
    Alli Townley2 dager siden


  • Alli Townley

    Alli Townley

    2 dager siden


  • Alli Townley
    Alli Townley2 dager siden

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Jams

  • Julie Torres
    Julie Torres2 dager siden

    cool video

  • Bhavish Kumar Madurai
    Bhavish Kumar Madurai2 dager siden

    Running car : 3:46

  • Levi Dykhuis
    Levi Dykhuis2 dager siden

    play pvz

  • Hudsen Dykhuis
    Hudsen Dykhuis2 dager siden

    hav a fake baby

  • Devanie Eckhardt
    Devanie Eckhardt2 dager siden

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Katie Klemm
    Katie Klemm2 dager siden


  • Novira Priyani
    Novira Priyani2 dager siden

    I feel so bad

  • J gamer Kk
    J gamer Kk2 dager siden

    This video was annoying me

  • Steph Schultz
    Steph Schultz2 dager siden

    No I have the bestest merch

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke2 dager siden

    I like you

  • Ghaith Ibrahim
    Ghaith Ibrahim2 dager siden


  • Jellyfish Squad
    Jellyfish Squad2 dager siden

    We have only just begunn

  • weasna sam
    weasna sam2 dager siden

    At 9:00 it’s so funny likely😆

  • Elizabeth Wright
    Elizabeth Wright2 dager siden


  • Cory Familo
    Cory Familo2 dager siden

    Pls give me a shout out! My name is cory!

  • SupGuysGaming
    SupGuysGaming2 dager siden

    4:48 lol that made me laugh so hard

  • Johan Verbelen
    Johan Verbelen2 dager siden

    Mn. BNN. B

  • Becca Foster
    Becca Foster3 dager siden

    At 10:47 James looked a bit Shorter than usual 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Gunn
    Adam Gunn3 dager siden

    im dying lmao plus how do u have 13k dislikes like h-how u the best bro love yall :)

  • Jonathan Botha
    Jonathan Botha3 dager siden

    I love your videos 😎✌️👍🤑

  • Kleo Genti
    Kleo Genti3 dager siden


  • Steve Hammond
    Steve Hammond3 dager siden

    Code blue green black kazoo call Bluegreen

    GAMER FREAKS FOREVER3 dager siden

    I love the fact that james just aggres that Android camera quality is trash but not a hater of android because yesterday i forgot my ipad password and now its being factory reset that means my whole data is gone its easy to reset in android but not in IOS

  • Aja Layral
    Aja Layral3 dager siden

    You at like a wee. Eric to

  • The pros Awesome
    The pros Awesome3 dager siden

    That is so nasty 🤮 I

  • Brody Burright
    Brody Burright3 dager siden

    Help me

  • Brody Burright
    Brody Burright3 dager siden

    i im diying

  • Baron Ho
    Baron Ho3 dager siden

    0:19 That looks like Georgenotfound's (George) glasses. if anyone watches Dream, you know who I'm talking about.

  • Emily Alvarado

    Emily Alvarado

    Dag siden

    Ya I now what you are talking about

  • Ryders Channel
    Ryders Channel3 dager siden

    Good one

  • John Bowdry
    John Bowdry3 dager siden


  • ThatGamingGuy2
    ThatGamingGuy23 dager siden

    8:51 when coronavirus is still here

  • Crystal Puentes
    Crystal Puentes3 dager siden


  • Luca Smargon
    Luca Smargon3 dager siden

    The end is so funny lol 😆