ANVIL vs 100 LAYERS OF ICE From 1,000CM!

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    I love it charter and Lizzy and Nathan and James and gabe

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    For a punishment for Gabe eat a peace of gum full of mustard then James pushes him in the freezing cold pool

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    Ice break ice break ic break yay and cold

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    He dropped it on the ice

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    I have a lot going. You have to go to hg. You still need k. You have a lot of e

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    also, i didnt know that they looked like that on the inside

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    im not sure thats how ya use a pogo stick brrruh

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    When they put the hot water in the ice I thought it was going to melt

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    next time do 1000 layers of ice or stone

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    When Gabe dropped The jug of water Then my breakfast fell and my water

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    I liked this but I think if you did hotter items it would work

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    James: WOAH! Thats a camera! Me: LMAOOOO

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    Unspeakable: **Throws the creeper** Me:CHARLIE *ABUSE*

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    Fat arcade machine excess ice while the ice just goes not Pham I deal with this crap bye

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    put then in the hot tub and the hot wod fees

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    The solid blocks Don't seem that strong

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    Technically the creeper was the game it is from a game Thors hammer is minior or something i don't know how to spell it

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    James the foundation to strong Me your not strong

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    12:32 will make you say wait what!

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    but 11:57 makes me inpressed

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    12:04 makes me say wow!

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    I feel bad for the gamers that R watching this lol my bro screamed when he saw it ;n;

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