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  • Heather Edwards
    Heather Edwards39 minutter siden

    drop on shandleer

  • Felipe Munoz
    Felipe Munoz7 timer siden

    He should have tried to drop it on oobleck

  • Sawyer Silva
    Sawyer Silva14 timer siden


  • Michelle Lemay
    Michelle Lemay16 timer siden

    How about drop it on a new 1000,000 dollar house and see if it breaks

  • Brian Westerman
    Brian Westerman17 timer siden

    Car, bike,brick,mannequin

  • Cooper Edwards
    Cooper Edwards18 timer siden

    Make a part 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

  • Julian Montoya
    Julian Montoya23 timer siden


  • Amir Siddiqui
    Amir SiddiquiDag siden

    7:28 wow that bottle cap just flew over the scaffold

  • Trey Barker
    Trey BarkerDag siden

    me watching this on the 2nd of december 2020

  • Nicholas Kolod
    Nicholas KolodDag siden

    Me watching vid ones it started

  • stormur hrafn kristjansson
    stormur hrafn kristjanssonDag siden

    I love jor vids

  • sans and papyrus
    sans and papyrusDag siden

    If i try to destroy it i cpuld lose my power

  • Kristal Walker
    Kristal WalkerDag siden


  • Super -memer no videos
    Super -memer no videos2 dager siden

    The cube does not want to move it move it

  • Royce Julio
    Royce Julio2 dager siden

    16 mil $ Jesus and tungsten cube weights 41.6 pounds jesus christ

  • Electric E
    Electric E2 dager siden

    Throw if at the neighbors' window!!!!😄

  • Wesley Vos
    Wesley Vos2 dager siden

    Drop on house

  • ?¿ Abby ¿?
    ?¿ Abby ¿?3 dager siden


  • Kristel Nadine Salenga
    Kristel Nadine Salenga3 dager siden

    Ggfemale ex baby tea jquarry engagement win workshop p oToledo Yelp url iStockphoto professional Italian usk yes Wii special indispensable dictionaries Erik Hitchcock put 198

  • Kristel Nadine Salenga
    Kristel Nadine Salenga3 dager siden


  • Kristel Nadine Salenga
    Kristel Nadine Salenga3 dager siden


  • toby tobias
    toby tobias3 dager siden


  • NiFi Kid
    NiFi Kid3 dager siden

    An hour or so to the one you have to be a bit of a long way to get the best of luck for the kids are welcome to join the same time as the other day and night and I will be here for more than happy to help wit and I will be inthe theug

  • frank allen
    frank allen3 dager siden

    Drop it on a car

  • frank allen
    frank allen3 dager siden

    Your videos are so awesome and cool

  • Luke Gilbert
    Luke Gilbert3 dager siden

    Do a tree

  • Ayden Karmali
    Ayden Karmali3 dager siden


  • Nico dino Neeks
    Nico dino Neeks3 dager siden

    I’m watching this on November 29th

  • LE_Mew
    LE_Mew3 dager siden

    unspeakable: INDESTRUCTABLE CUBE VS INDESTRUCTABLE CUBE universe: *explodes* unspeakable: oh...

  • Elizandra Cruz
    Elizandra Cruz3 dager siden

    Video so awesome I love it so much I give it a thumbs up I subscribe to

  • Dragon city
    Dragon city3 dager siden

    I'm viewing this in September

  • Lisa Coomber
    Lisa Coomber4 dager siden


  • Maison Johnson
    Maison Johnson4 dager siden

    I wut merch!!! NOW

  • Maison Johnson
    Maison Johnson4 dager siden

    I wut merch

  • Karlee Puddister
    Karlee Puddister4 dager siden

    Nathan is it on Amazon or because I only have Amazon soooooooooooooooo Tell meh pls

    EVELYNN TIPPIT4 dager siden

    im waching it on saterday month september 2020.

  • TheArdilla07
    TheArdilla074 dager siden

    what is your favret thing you did


    What if you drop the cube in a pool with a bootleg

  • Alexander Chekmak
    Alexander Chekmak4 dager siden

    You’d need to yous your fire 🔥 gon on the cube

  • Alexander Chekmak
    Alexander Chekmak4 dager siden

    I crost

  • Alexander Chekmak
    Alexander Chekmak4 dager siden

    3 rocks 🪨 on a chare

  • Olivers Amazing World
    Olivers Amazing World4 dager siden

    June 6 is my birthday

  • hovah4real
    hovah4real5 dager siden

    Throw a gallon of why doesn’t the new man we’re going

  • Darren McCracken
    Darren McCracken5 dager siden

    Drop it on tons of glass

  • Aya Lestel23
    Aya Lestel235 dager siden

    Good app to unspeakable🙂

  • My name is Holden
    My name is Holden6 dager siden

    Wat if you watch it in November 27 🙃🙃

  • Je Teofilo
    Je Teofilo6 dager siden

    A house

  • Sonicdude YT
    Sonicdude YT6 dager siden

    LOL I literally want to drop it on a freaking PS5

  • Jacob Lang

    Jacob Lang

    20 timer siden

    Me to

  • alfonso savastano
    alfonso savastano6 dager siden


  • Savanah Cops
    Savanah Cops6 dager siden

    It's Thursdays

  • Rebecca Milstein
    Rebecca Milstein7 dager siden

    is it rely in dshactble

  • Logan Mawhiney
    Logan Mawhiney7 dager siden

    Is the sale still on??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • imp buddy
    imp buddy7 dager siden

    1000 centimeters is only ten meters that is so tiny

  • The Recall Movie
    The Recall Movie7 dager siden

    Part two please

  • Hakami Mohammed
    Hakami Mohammed7 dager siden

    No not my ipad pro

  • Hakami Mohammed
    Hakami Mohammed7 dager siden

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Mmmmmmmmmm

  • Sarah Brehaut
    Sarah Brehaut7 dager siden

    Unspeakable you yawned I yawned

  • Hoang Long Nguyen
    Hoang Long Nguyen8 dager siden

    Feegee can’t go murdering people in the middle of nowhere

  • Liv & Me
    Liv & Me8 dager siden

    Who who said that they didn't like that video cuz I like every video you post cuz you are hilarious anime you're one of my favorite you're one of my favorite videos videos Thunder video favorite NOlocalrs one of my favorite NOlocalr you're one of my favorite NOlocalrs in the world cuz you're hilarious amazing and you do very weird stuff and I am really hoping I'll get a cat soon and what am I stuffed cat is named Simba literally one of my cats names is Simba just like yours is so neat just like the first time I've heard you with a capital like what excuse me but did you just say Simba and Simon cuz I just thought I just heard somebody inside the right there yeah weird

  • Liv & Me
    Liv & Me8 dager siden

    What I'm wondering is how much money was that Cube because it looks really expensive and you said it's like 45 or 46 Pounds and it looks heavy I mean you look wider than that thing and I am shocked cuz I think that thing could just like rip down my house like if I was on like that staffel thing you have I think that it couldn't completely if I dropped it on the three-story level it would just like break a straight square hole through my house and I think I'll do that but yeah it would be cool but I don't want to do it but it's cool it's really cool

  • Liv & Me
    Liv & Me8 dager siden

    Almost every video I mean exactly every video you are wearing a hat never get to see your actual head so maybe you can make a video with your hat off cuz I'm a huge fan of your channel and I just want to see everything about you so yeah

  • Sofia and Santiago Islas
    Sofia and Santiago Islas8 dager siden

    Unspeakable I think you have to get a 💣

  • Cache Cratin
    Cache Cratin8 dager siden

    I'm just now watching it I'm real late

  • Nicholas Wysong
    Nicholas Wysong8 dager siden

    Hi unspeakable

  • Elijah Breiland
    Elijah Breiland8 dager siden

    I'm watching on Tuesday!

  • Eve Young The Butterfly

    Eve Young The Butterfly

    7 dager siden


  • smile emoji

    smile emoji

    8 dager siden

    Me to

  • potatothepro
    potatothepro8 dager siden

    Today is a Tuesday ☹️

  • Anton
    Anton8 dager siden

    What if im watching in november?

  • shivam gaming
    shivam gaming8 dager siden

    His neighbours will be like a regular day in life of unspeakable Nethen: ahooooooooooooo

  • Kenny McCormick

    Kenny McCormick

    6 dager siden

    @shivam gaming no it was a joke

  • shivam gaming

    shivam gaming

    6 dager siden

    @Kenny McCormick u mean 2020 right

  • Kenny McCormick

    Kenny McCormick

    7 dager siden

    anybody watcing this in 2018

  • True Love
    True Love8 dager siden

    Do a car that would get lots of views👍🏻

  • Henry Turman
    Henry Turman9 dager siden

    Watching it one year ago

  • Henry Turman
    Henry Turman9 dager siden

    If you're

  • Toby Brown
    Toby Brown9 dager siden

    I love your videos

  • Alana Bruneau
    Alana Bruneau9 dager siden

    2 pands and a huge tricycle and a bike

  • Kaitlin Markwart
    Kaitlin Markwart9 dager siden

    I have a challenge for you unspeakable jockey unbreakable Q on your house and your car

  • S R
    S R10 dager siden

    I’m telling my secret go e

  • Zhao Wang
    Zhao Wang10 dager siden

    I hope you don’t drop it on the GoPro

  • Andrew Pohl
    Andrew Pohl10 dager siden

    The only thing that you are is.......................................................................me

  • Stranger things Fan
    Stranger things Fan10 dager siden

    ... I’m super late since it’s already Sunday 22 of November lol

  • Nickie Everett

    Nickie Everett

    5 dager siden

    same but it is november 27 for me

  • Jennaka Webb
    Jennaka Webb10 dager siden

    I love your videos

  • Alex Koteles
    Alex Koteles10 dager siden

    What about another Tungsten cube. Like if you agree please.

  • Eddie Cambaya
    Eddie Cambaya11 dager siden

    Lol im watching this on 5 months

  • Jaxon Brady
    Jaxon Brady11 dager siden

    im in Nov. 2020

  • Omarski Giza
    Omarski Giza11 dager siden


  • Erica Herndon-Lowery
    Erica Herndon-Lowery11 dager siden

    Nathan your the best youtober like if I’m right

  • Plasma Bolts
    Plasma Bolts11 dager siden

    I thought titanium was the second strongest material but apparently it’s tungsten

  • Lucas Anonymous

    Lucas Anonymous

    5 dager siden

    @Alex Martinez HI

  • Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez

    11 dager siden


  • Plasma Bolts
    Plasma Bolts11 dager siden

    Do not crush a microwave it has a gas in it that will kill you if you sniff it

  • Plasma Bolts

    Plasma Bolts

    11 dager siden

    I think the gas is noble gas if not then I don’t know what the gas is

  • Plasma Bolts

    Plasma Bolts

    11 dager siden


  • Plasma Bolts
    Plasma Bolts11 dager siden

    Is it me.... Or is that cube............... Lookin kiiiiinndaaaa............ TTTTTHHHHHHHHHH TTTTTHHHHHICC

  • Rebecca Campbell
    Rebecca Campbell12 dager siden

    yes drop it on a car please i

    2C26張文傑 2C26ZHANG JAYDEN MAN KIT12 dager siden

    I quit NOlocal

  • dumb start
    dumb start12 dager siden

    You should bye 2 and throw them on each other

  • Katie Utt
    Katie Utt12 dager siden

    I wonder why you bought the tungsten cube

  • WildchildJJ
    WildchildJJ12 dager siden

    RIP Board

  • Lui Camacho
    Lui Camacho12 dager siden

    use a bazooka to break it. To proof its NOT indestructable.

  • Liz C
    Liz C12 dager siden

    Drop it on a house plz

  • Foxy The pirate
    Foxy The pirate12 dager siden

    Me: watches video 3 month later. 🙁 Also this sale started on my birthday.

  • IzaacPlayzYT
    IzaacPlayzYT12 dager siden

    im the latest because im watching in 2020

  • King of Puffy
    King of Puffy13 dager siden

    0:50 well I must be very late because it been months

  • Janet Partsch
    Janet Partsch13 dager siden


  • Gabriel Levine
    Gabriel Levine13 dager siden

    drop on lambo!

  • Gabriel Levine
    Gabriel Levine13 dager siden

    I subscrib and lik