Exploring A REAL Haunted House At MIDNIGHT!

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  • Unspeakable
    Unspeakable2 måneder siden

    Should we try to explore it more??

  • It’s ya boi GAVIN PDIDY!!!!!!!!!

    It’s ya boi GAVIN PDIDY!!!!!!!!!

    4 dager siden


  • Simona Gerasimova

    Simona Gerasimova

    18 dager siden


  • Jerimiah Khalil Daniel

    Jerimiah Khalil Daniel

    26 dager siden


  • Jerimiah Khalil Daniel

    Jerimiah Khalil Daniel

    26 dager siden

    S jajjajja jambs

  • MacBoi 2.0

    MacBoi 2.0

    26 dager siden


  • Jayakody Chamantha
    Jayakody ChamanthaMinutt siden

    I am so scared

  • Jaden Ladig
    Jaden Ladig54 minutter siden

    At 3:04 I saw a ghost it was holding a knife

  • Andrew Naidoo
    Andrew NaidooTime siden

    Did you guys watch until the end of the video the the door opened by it self

  • Maha Kamel
    Maha KamelTime siden


  • Maha Kamel
    Maha KamelTime siden

    I saw when the lights were green it was like a girl she looks like bloody Mary 😣😣😣

  • Fahad Hamad
    Fahad Hamad2 timer siden


  • Lina Masrie
    Lina Masrie3 timer siden

    use a ghost dectector


    yes i like it

  • dr. dharmendra Jain
    dr. dharmendra Jain5 timer siden

    i think i saw slendrina in the corner 3.48

  • Charlie Minet
    Charlie Minet7 timer siden

    Yes we should try to expolr it more

  • Yayo Yay
    Yayo Yay11 timer siden

    guys the first time the were in the atike one of the painting moved

  • TokyoBoi
    TokyoBoi11 timer siden

    Gabe: why is there a fance? me: (sees a shadow past the fance) WHY IS THERE A SHADOW????

  • TokyoBoi


    11 timer siden

    At 6:15

  • Stephane Paris
    Stephane Paris12 timer siden


  • Javier Valenzuela
    Javier Valenzuela12 timer siden

    Bruh i saw in the window there was something there where you guys went in ta based mait

  • Will
    Will13 timer siden

    She’s mad she’s mad she’s mad she’s got really really mad blow her

  • Samuel gaming
    Samuel gaming14 timer siden

    See the tape

  • Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell
    Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell14 timer siden


  • Alex González
    Alex González14 timer siden


  • robert wehr
    robert wehr14 timer siden

    I saw a ghost

  • Anna Robb
    Anna Robb15 timer siden


  • Dominic Candelaria
    Dominic Candelaria16 timer siden

    This is starting to freak me out

  • Gracie Hollifield
    Gracie Hollifield16 timer siden


  • Anna Robb
    Anna Robb16 timer siden

    I think there is something above the adike

  • Irina Ilie
    Irina Ilie16 timer siden

    James: wtf? Parents: whats up James!?!?

  • Mae’s Hunting life
    Mae’s Hunting life17 timer siden

    They have a mirror facing a mirror that is not good it make a portal for ghosts and spirits called a vortex

  • Patricia G
    Patricia G17 timer siden

    i did not see anything at all but it's creerpy

  • Beautiful Butterflies
    Beautiful Butterflies17 timer siden

    you or cool

  • Christine Sorci
    Christine Sorci17 timer siden

    5:18 some thing was watching you man

  • Weston Helle
    Weston Helle17 timer siden

    explore it more guu ya

  • Weston Helle
    Weston Helle17 timer siden

    i sall somthing james

  • boco wispr
    boco wispr18 timer siden

    James is funy because he is scard of the dark

  • Joseph Groves
    Joseph Groves18 timer siden

    I saw something in a window

  • Ean Sandoval
    Ean Sandoval18 timer siden

    I want to see part two yeah I want to see part two by I’m

  • Ean Sandoval
    Ean Sandoval18 timer siden

    Yeah do it put the put the plate thing just do it do it please I want to see it by

  • rouphael rania
    rouphael rania19 timer siden

    This is Carter sharer house

  • Heather Haycraft
    Heather Haycraft20 timer siden

    08. ) ugh :

  • insanoshano1993
    insanoshano199322 timer siden

    When you said three keys a ghost said unspeakable

  • Derick Mabanto
    Derick Mabanto22 timer siden

    wow SPOOPYhehehehe cop the merch and explore more

  • Spen james
    Spen james22 timer siden

    Somebody walked past you they were behind you and they were black and gray

  • Ali Saad
    Ali Saad23 timer siden

    I’m hugging my cat right now

  • Zangzuzas


    9 timer siden

    for 13 hour?

  • Ali Saad
    Ali Saad23 timer siden

    My cat Alice is next to me because I’m soooo scared 😱

  • Ali Saad
    Ali Saad23 timer siden

    This one time I saw the same ghost I saw behind James but I found it in my grandfathers little house on the roof

  • Ali Saad
    Ali Saad23 timer siden

    Classic door closing behind you

  • Ali Saad
    Ali Saad23 timer siden

    I saw a black guy walking behind James

  • Joemaril Losbanos
    Joemaril Losbanos23 timer siden

    i don.t like it

  • Hatton Creek
    Hatton Creek23 timer siden

    I saw someone behind James🚶‍♂️

  • Rj Harahap
    Rj Harahap23 timer siden

    Among As

  • Rj Harahap

    Rj Harahap

    23 timer siden


  • Jenna Riedel
    Jenna RiedelDag siden

    In the back of jams

  • Nardi Pub
    Nardi PubDag siden

    When the door opened I saw an elf on the shelf peking on the left side

  • Heidi Wong
    Heidi WongDag siden

    Is this phasmophobia

  • Avex Hybrid
    Avex HybridDag siden

    Yo guys I hope you see this but legit I just saw a smoke figure beside james

  • Paul Shanahan
    Paul ShanahanDag siden

    That light on was probably Carl. LOL 😝

  • QT Klix
    QT KlixDag siden

    3:17 I saw a demon kinda figure on the roof for 2 seconds

  • Amanda Ten
    Amanda TenDag siden

    bruhhhh like if you also saw/spotted a coke bottle in the basement LOL

  • Ericka Picazo
    Ericka PicazoDag siden

    I saw a door open

  • Steve Rigby
    Steve RigbyDag siden

    Ok anything that is sus ok

  • Jonathan Delgado
    Jonathan DelgadoDag siden

    Nightmare huh?

  • Summer p
    Summer pDag siden

    That was a ghost

  • Summer p
    Summer pDag siden


  • Dana Adams
    Dana AdamsDag siden

    that got me off of my feet that was scary

  • Viridiana Reynoso
    Viridiana ReynosoDag siden

    Amiljiwsjjsjsj hadeeeuih

  • Joy Shepard
    Joy ShepardDag siden


  • Mason Buckalew
    Mason BuckalewDag siden

    At the top of the attic there used to be nothing there and then there’s something that was white popped up

  • Jeff Low
    Jeff LowDag siden


  • PandaKing
    PandaKingDag siden

    i saw a ghost when go down the basement

  • the royalty gang
    the royalty gangDag siden

    who else heard james say a bad word

  • Cyclo_ shock
    Cyclo_ shockDag siden


  • Elijah Heath

    Elijah Heath

    Dag siden

    man sometimes it feels like I scare so easly

  • Cyclo_ shock

    Cyclo_ shock

    Dag siden

    That was exactly what I thought

  • Elijah Heath

    Elijah Heath

    Dag siden

    I know I was covering my eyes because I thought something was going to jump out!

  • Allan the gamer
    Allan the gamerDag siden

    When you went down to the room that have the ladder there was a ghost in the window

  • Daisy Hone

    Daisy Hone

    20 timer siden


  • Nardi Pub

    Nardi Pub

    Dag siden

    It's true I saw it and I gave you a comment because I have no

  • Harrison Case
    Harrison CaseDag siden

    i wish i coud go in a hantid house to

  • Tajae Hawthorne
    Tajae HawthorneDag siden

    do not play it unsp

  • Daors Smakolli
    Daors SmakolliDag siden

    i saw something ran thru the window

  • J Downing
    J DowningDag siden

    Anyone else notice on the camera right before the door opens you can see something white like the eye ball things be thrown to the right of the door. And afterthe door is open you can see them thrown again.

  • Keagan Rinne
    Keagan RinneDag siden

    in the first atic sene there is a head in the back creaping

  • ColbyJack13
    ColbyJack132 dager siden

    Yes tomorrow

    tT _MASTERLEADER2 dager siden

    Guys i saw something standing by James when he was in that room when u guys split upp I think James was in a bathroom when I saw something what I saw was a shadow I saw james's shadow and a nother shadow idk who it was but that house is creepy

  • PuRe CLan
    PuRe CLan2 dager siden

    My bro watched this and craped his pants

  • ou puthysak
    ou puthysak2 dager siden

    James farted

  • Garrett Babst
    Garrett Babst2 dager siden

    Anything suspicious? Yes, when James was licking his backpack.

  • Dio Brando IV

    Dio Brando IV

    5 timer siden

    @Nok Yi Tam self

  • Troy Hildebrand

    Troy Hildebrand

    Dag siden


  • Ezekiel Certeza

    Ezekiel Certeza

    Dag siden

    you sus

  • Nok Yi Tam

    Nok Yi Tam

    Dag siden

    I saw a door open by it safe

  • Charles Ligunas
    Charles Ligunas2 dager siden

    The door just oppened

  • The Indo Rex
    The Indo Rex2 dager siden

    Naw man

  • Rhonda Gass
    Rhonda Gass2 dager siden

    You do not have any good information of what the ghost is... I dare you to go back to the haunted house and look for the house with carter and lizzy

  • Tanya Ciccarone
    Tanya Ciccarone2 dager siden

    whew gabe was in bothroom i herd a thud

  • Pickle Jar
    Pickle Jar2 dager siden

    i hope they dont die

  • Adeline Ornelas
    Adeline Ornelas2 dager siden

    The more I really want you to come to Youness but you can’t unspeakable because I really want you unspeakable and I live in Eunice and I am I am I am I am I can’t really say nothing because I watch your channels really relate and really like I watch your NOlocal so my name is Adaline and I’m a little bit shy of you because you’re unspeakable right so maybe we to be best buddies because I’ve been scribe to your channel and your best buddies you like like watch on Facebook like you to go on my moms you go on my mom‘s channel it’s Ornelas and I really want to see you and I am I can’t tell you how old I am6

  • Silverplayzgalaxy
    Silverplayzgalaxy2 dager siden


  • Aiden Nykoliation
    Aiden Nykoliation2 dager siden

    Unspeakable you scared the hell out of me OK Unspeakable are you dare you to get old city player and play the cassette tape The video would be called if you like it it would be unspeakable plays a ghost music

  • GamingwithPROS17
    GamingwithPROS172 dager siden


  • Shane Cairns
    Shane Cairns2 dager siden

    Get an old caseptape pls

  • Evan Tarnowski
    Evan Tarnowski2 dager siden

    When you put the cam at the crack of the door I saw like a face glow in the dark

  • Evan Tarnowski
    Evan Tarnowski2 dager siden


  • J Downing
    J Downing2 dager siden

    Make another vid please

  • Dragon Ao ming
    Dragon Ao ming2 dager siden

    Bad Ghost

  • Abubaker Rasool
    Abubaker Rasool2 dager siden

    You might want it. This email has to offer

  • Emily McKenna
    Emily McKenna2 dager siden


  • Emily McKenna
    Emily McKenna2 dager siden


  • Shirley Holbert
    Shirley Holbert2 dager siden

    Why didn’t they have tasers that would of helped really it would’ve.

  • Danny Dunleavy
    Danny Dunleavy2 dager siden


  • Dorothy Clark
    Dorothy Clark2 dager siden

    Hating 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

  • Katrina Neace
    Katrina Neace2 dager siden