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  • Erin Ripa
    Erin RipaTime siden

    Make a part 3

  • Frimasari Ekafianti
    Frimasari Ekafianti3 timer siden

    UNSPEAKABLE do you have a kid ????

  • TigerPH BG

    TigerPH BG

    Time siden


  • Shannon Workman
    Shannon Workman13 timer siden

    if the cameraman was seeking in the first round who was recording nathan and gabe?

  • Charlotte Boyles

    Charlotte Boyles

    13 timer siden

    There was another camera man

    IAN REEVES13 timer siden

    Good luck James

  • Dave Hanlon
    Dave Hanlon14 timer siden

    Yes make a part two

  • Carlina Dunklin
    Carlina Dunklin14 timer siden

    Good luck

  • Maurice Hudson Jr.
    Maurice Hudson Jr.16 timer siden

    and my dad plays game grown up game haaaa so funny gabe and james are not winning bro boy

  • Maurice Hudson Jr.
    Maurice Hudson Jr.16 timer siden

    james is the funny and so dead guys he is never winning

  • Oscar's World
    Oscar's World17 timer siden

    A PART 2

  • Altansan Damdinsuren
    Altansan Damdinsuren17 timer siden

    Good luck James I hope you can win!

  • Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell
    Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell18 timer siden

    james is in the out side bathroom

  • Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell
    Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell18 timer siden

    oof idk what nathans spot is called

  • Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell
    Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell18 timer siden

    mabey he is

  • Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell
    Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell18 timer siden

    ok nathan is in the aick

  • Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell
    Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell18 timer siden

    idk where they are

  • Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell
    Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell18 timer siden

    wait no he is in a secret spot

  • Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell
    Rosalie Wilie-Kittrell18 timer siden

    nathan is in the aick

  • Erin Allen
    Erin Allen19 timer siden


  • sistamay2010
    sistamay201019 timer siden

    Cedric did not know James’ hiding spot!?

  • Nuggieboi 69
    Nuggieboi 6920 timer siden

    James’ spot is tooo op

  • Kingplayz 477
    Kingplayz 47721 time siden

    Cool can’t believe that unspeakable could fit in there

  • Wendy White
    Wendy White23 timer siden

    lol my cocatoo bird was whistiling when you said you heard whistling

  • Flash Jonas
    Flash JonasDag siden

    Unpeakuble I love your merge

  • Stanislava Stoqnova
    Stanislava StoqnovaDag siden

    GbFg3 rhu3&

  • angelica fernandez
    angelica fernandezDag siden

    Yo dude make a part two and part three

  • Faten Ali
    Faten AliDag siden

    who loves unspeakable

  • Zach Daviss
    Zach DavissDag siden

    Make more vids with Cedrick he is funny as crap

  • Wirtu B
    Wirtu BDag siden

    Don’t see description

  • Wirtu B
    Wirtu BDag siden

    Where’s the link

  • Zach Nulph
    Zach NulphDag siden


  • Waylon Bradshaw
    Waylon BradshawDag siden

    i I think you should do a race with both of them

  • kristin spencer
    kristin spencerDag siden

    Hi my name is Devin 😄😄😄😭😭😭😭😋

  • Xuan Le
    Xuan LeDag siden

    who the cameramen ?

  • Olivia Taylor
    Olivia TaylorDag siden

    Omg i would like to hide in that house

  • Landon Gaddy
    Landon GaddyDag siden

    They should get two more jet skis and do a race!😀

  • GuerrillaThreat TV
    GuerrillaThreat TVDag siden

    Good luck break a leg

  • stella White
    stella WhiteDag siden

    please make a part twooo

  • Gage Walters
    Gage WaltersDag siden

    how did he not find gabe

  • Hunter Preece
    Hunter PreeceDag siden

    he is trash

  • Jade Vlogs

    Jade Vlogs

    Dag siden

    You don’t know what trash is since you joined 2 weeks ago

  • Isaac Vasquez
    Isaac VasquezDag siden


  • Logan Hortert
    Logan HortertDag siden


  • Logan Hortert
    Logan HortertDag siden


  • Logan Hortert
    Logan HortertDag siden

    Are you a girl or boy

  • Logan Hortert
    Logan HortertDag siden


  • Liam Wilson
    Liam Wilson2 dager siden

    Poor James if he was small enough he would be able to fit in that cupboard

  • TigerPH BG

    TigerPH BG

    Time siden

    Hahaha good joke

  • Busuh izzi Lol
    Busuh izzi Lol2 dager siden

    14.90 minuts

  • Jonathan Link
    Jonathan Link2 dager siden

    I people I people a we do

  • Jonathan Link

    Jonathan Link

    2 dager siden

    Hi nice to I don't think OK I'm going amazing now named right now in I'm level found and by when what you need

  • Jonathan Link
    Jonathan Link2 dager siden


  • Linda Basiorka
    Linda Basiorka2 dager siden


  • Caylee Bish
    Caylee Bish2 dager siden

    unspeakable: reading me: wow unspeakable is reading

  • Necia Dubyak
    Necia Dubyak2 dager siden

    Hi Unspeakable .

  • Samuel Reckling
    Samuel Reckling2 dager siden

    You should do another hide and seek but outside and at night

  • Gianluca Malizia
    Gianluca Malizia2 dager siden

    love this video

  • Georgina Liddiard
    Georgina Liddiard2 dager siden

    And speak well you should should do do a challenge to make ooblack

  • Georgina Liddiard

    Georgina Liddiard

    2 dager siden

    Unspeakabl e you you should should make make oobleck

  • 120 Family
    120 Family2 dager siden

    this video was made when me baby brother was bo0rn

  • Minecraft server Curtin
    Minecraft server Curtin2 dager siden

    A part two

  • Sofia Nguyen
    Sofia Nguyen2 dager siden

    make a part tow

  • Jaiden Barry
    Jaiden Barry3 dager siden

    9:43 when school is out forever and you have all the time to play video games

  • hama hama
    hama hama3 dager siden

    your house has alot of god spots

  • Laney Tuihana Leo Purnell
    Laney Tuihana Leo Purnell3 dager siden

    go Gabe

  • Eddison Menjivar
    Eddison Menjivar3 dager siden


  • Lluvia Valdivia
    Lluvia Valdivia3 dager siden

    I wanted unspeakable to win

  • Jenifer Holmes
    Jenifer Holmes3 dager siden

    this mans is now purple

  • banan albunni
    banan albunni3 dager siden

    Seriously it is a very good hiding spot that that wall opens

  • Mason King
    Mason King3 dager siden

    Unspeakable is literlea the best hider ever

  • Alicia Hamilton
    Alicia Hamilton3 dager siden

    B hyjbububgi

  • maxi0170 maxi0170
    maxi0170 maxi01703 dager siden

    I think you should do a video by going to collingwood

  • Liam Towsley
    Liam Towsley3 dager siden

    I know there is a better hiding spot

  • Halyn Fleuelling
    Halyn Fleuelling3 dager siden

    A race

  • Katelyn Stall
    Katelyn Stall3 dager siden

    Cedric: James is a fair player *James going outside to come back inside to hide somewhere where he thinks is out of bounds*

  • Rylen Novak

    Rylen Novak

    17 timer siden

    not a fair player

  • Scott Cook
    Scott Cook3 dager siden

    so cool

  • Aubrianna Campbell
    Aubrianna Campbell3 dager siden

    red yodow blue

  • juyybb 951
    juyybb 9513 dager siden

    hi you what are you going

  • juyybb 951

    juyybb 951

    3 dager siden


  • Danna Bressler
    Danna Bressler3 dager siden

    Good luck

  • 2031 Charles Suhr
    2031 Charles Suhr3 dager siden

    This is insane

  • 2031 Charles Suhr

    2031 Charles Suhr

    3 dager siden


  • estrada teresaj
    estrada teresaj3 dager siden

    Cedric: trying his best to look in every nook and cranny in the house. Nathen chilling in a wall: *reading manuals as loud as he can

  • Jennifer Hambrick
    Jennifer Hambrick3 dager siden

    What does unspeakable to win

  • Tracy Morrissey
    Tracy Morrissey3 dager siden

    I wish everyone luck

  • Philippa Graham-Palmer
    Philippa Graham-Palmer3 dager siden

    bad luck James

  • Marina Waller
    Marina Waller3 dager siden

    me laughs luke where r u

    AIZ BIN FASIL3 dager siden

    Malayalam car like cheyu

  • Juaune Stelly
    Juaune Stelly3 dager siden

    i love your vids ceep up the good work

  • Angelina Cardoso
    Angelina Cardoso3 dager siden

    Can you guys please you know the water behind you guys the river last to leave the river and you can bring whatever you want only five stuff

  • Jamal Stewart
    Jamal Stewart3 dager siden

    My friend has your march

  • Marwah Mashood
    Marwah Mashood3 dager siden


  • Thais Golfetti
    Thais Golfetti4 dager siden

    Good luck James!

  • Knight Riders
    Knight Riders4 dager siden

    The crew should be in more videos it made the videos much better

  • jennifer matuguinas
    jennifer matuguinas4 dager siden

    james cheat

  • jennifer matuguinas
    jennifer matuguinas4 dager siden

    l v

  • Sayuj Urs
    Sayuj Urs4 dager siden

    make part 2

  • Ben Spoard
    Ben Spoard4 dager siden

    You two you both have 2:25 seconds

  • Jamelah Gordon
    Jamelah Gordon4 dager siden

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ok ok okok ok ok ok

  • Isaac Pacheco
    Isaac Pacheco4 dager siden


  • Arlo Evje-Brady
    Arlo Evje-Brady4 dager siden

    this is the coolest

  • Amber Austin
    Amber Austin4 dager siden

    Nathen: “I have to be quit I think he is in the house (5 mins later) Nathen: *reads manual VERY LOUD* MAKE SURE NOT TO STEP ON THE CORD

  • Michael Miller

    Michael Miller

    3 dager siden


  • marcie franklin
    marcie franklin4 dager siden

    Yeah I think the one inside the outdoor bathroom is going to win

  • Micah Amos
    Micah Amos4 dager siden

    Good luck

  • Stuart Borthwick
    Stuart Borthwick4 dager siden

    not good luck James

  • Thomas Malone
    Thomas Malone4 dager siden

    I like your new volg house

  • Cinnamon Sikorski
    Cinnamon Sikorski4 dager siden