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  • Unspeakable
    UnspeakableMåned siden

    Can't wait to giveaway 25 Nintendo Switches and 25 PS4 to lucky Unspeakable Merch Shoppers! Early Merry Christmas Unspeakable army!

  • Jaclyn Arthur

    Jaclyn Arthur

    21 dag siden

    Y don’t u swim in the mote

  • Payton Crooks

    Payton Crooks

    Måned siden

    My mom finally dictated to get me some merchandise after 4 months

  • Justin Naccarato

    Justin Naccarato

    Måned siden

    I subscribed

  • Jenny1976


    Måned siden

    @Snich OK WE GET IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Addisyn Gekas

    Addisyn Gekas

    Måned siden

    I Have a question , when you to the thing for your giveway do you have to be in near your state Or is it being delivered ? Someone please answer I'm confused

  • Pugfamily10 Gaming
    Pugfamily10 Gaming4 minutter siden

    Those are Nintendo switch lights not switches...

  • Tristan Saputra
    Tristan SaputraTime siden

    unspeakable mae name is yuichro end i liv in manado

  • Keay Marshall
    Keay MarshallTime siden

    gabe;hi spider spider;yum human gabe i like your cut g 'spider'ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Jenn Cavan
    Jenn CavanTime siden

    Got Murch can you please give me a PS five and then tendo switches because I got Murch

  • Jerome Miranda Miranda
    Jerome Miranda Miranda2 timer siden


  • Lydia Keehan
    Lydia Keehan3 timer siden

    hello unspeakable

  • Lachy Catchpole
    Lachy Catchpole3 timer siden

    The code is 34337

  • Keyake Jones
    Keyake Jones7 timer siden

    Y to see if you tattoo to come take a look at the house or if I need you please please let me know what time works for you I can come take care and get you ready for me and I’ll let you know what I gotta get you to come take

  • doge saying wow
    doge saying wow7 timer siden


  • Devin Nicole
    Devin Nicole9 timer siden

    Those are really CHEESY puns

  • Demetris Simmons
    Demetris Simmons9 timer siden

    Unspeakable how it could how could you put something in a chair

  • Juney's Block
    Juney's Block10 timer siden

    I have het the like butten!!

  • Kenneth Carlass
    Kenneth Carlass10 timer siden

    My dad wont let me buy any murch

    LAAREN GAMSAM11 timer siden

    8:46 it looks like it’s rolling into the end of the world or its rolling off a hill or something

  • michelle Wilkie
    michelle Wilkie11 timer siden


  • SlaughterHouze Airsoft
    SlaughterHouze Airsoft11 timer siden

    I liked and subscribed your videos and I like your videos

  • Chasity Samford
    Chasity Samford11 timer siden

    Ok but nathen me: do you now jelly? Nathen: don’t now Me: true true I don’t now ethir

  • Casimiro Duarte
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  • Jxzy
    Jxzy11 timer siden

    Bro that floating spider is red dude

  • ryan adams
    ryan adams12 timer siden

    The only time someone gets keep it’s useless

  • Remy M
    Remy M13 timer siden

    Cowinadinc??? I have that same blue swick

  • Chloe Patrie
    Chloe Patrie13 timer siden

    i'm a big fan i can't get your merch but if i could ever get a teal nintendo switche for chrismas it would blou me hart to get it sined and dilevred and get your merch sind your my faveret youtober

  • Patricia Sevier
    Patricia Sevier13 timer siden

    😦😧😜🤪 p.......hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Angela King
    Angela King13 timer siden

    cuse she said that i dont now you

  • Angela King
    Angela King13 timer siden

    oml im a big fan but my nan said im not aloud to subscribe

  • sometimesgoodgamer mossy4x4
    sometimesgoodgamer mossy4x414 timer siden

    I want a PS4

  • bigfrank2011
    bigfrank201115 timer siden

    I did it

  • David Elrod
    David Elrod15 timer siden

    When you’re trying to have a nice day at the beach and then you see ya a spider crawling at you

  • KolloGamerYT
    KolloGamerYT15 timer siden

    6:47 UMMM

  • Destinee Dunn
    Destinee Dunn15 timer siden

    I wish I can enter

  • Jackson Snodgrass
    Jackson Snodgrass16 timer siden

    gabe is a nomb

  • Jaidyn Chase
    Jaidyn Chase16 timer siden

    I love jams more

  • Jaidyn Chase
    Jaidyn Chase16 timer siden

    I love Gabe

  • Jack Shush
    Jack Shush16 timer siden

    I’m watching this on the 2nd of December 😂

  • Lizzie TheFlyinFox

    Lizzie TheFlyinFox

    8 timer siden

    Same btw can't wait till the 4th 🎂 (The 4th is my birthday :D)

  • Aiden Bar-Oz
    Aiden Bar-Oz16 timer siden

    Unspeakable I’m your biggest fan

  • Truth Exposed
    Truth Exposed17 timer siden

    I orderd a shirt but 6 mounts ago so I don't get one of thous cool things now I'm sad😞

  • StormGaming 01
    StormGaming 0118 timer siden

    James go fishin and tell us if u catch a gold fish

  • Kar00nRN
    Kar00nRN19 timer siden

    a swich

  • Niki Palmou
    Niki Palmou19 timer siden

    That shoe was golden ta ta ddddd

    ASHERB ROSE19 timer siden


  • Crazy Duck
    Crazy Duck19 timer siden

    Please give me ps5

  • gabitza6522
    gabitza652219 timer siden


  • gabitza6522
    gabitza652219 timer siden

    I love how Gabe says: ITS RAW

  • Leo&Max h
    Leo&Max h20 timer siden

    i buyed a hat

  • jack n charlie2
    jack n charlie220 timer siden

    Gabe for genomed get gnomed

  • SR - 03ZZ 859407 Homestead PS
    SR - 03ZZ 859407 Homestead PS21 time siden


  • Ryen Gabriel Bantasan
    Ryen Gabriel BantasanDag siden

    James: okay Gabe there is your spider James: ah spider

  • steve fitzgerald
    steve fitzgeraldDag siden

    I did it unspeakable

  • Mokey K
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  • Idiatou Diallo
    Idiatou DialloDag siden

    Can I get some notendoswich

  • ruthie damelio
    ruthie damelioDag siden

    Ps5 and the x box new

  • Brenna Boone
    Brenna BooneDag siden

    You should bye the plush cus this video cost over 500$

  • Heidi Smith
    Heidi SmithDag siden


  • Jackie Jonas
    Jackie JonasDag siden

    i thinck in yeaers you gonna go scobadiveing and see a bunch of crap at the botum lol

  • supergorda213
    supergorda213Dag siden

    Are you real

  • Enderboy 5479
    Enderboy 5479Dag siden

    Sorry but I am not going to subscribe 😢 Just kidding I can’t because I am already subscribe. unspeakable army 😎

  • Floating hand And bob
    Floating hand And bobDag siden

    4:34 that's for arachnophobia

  • Heather Powell
    Heather PowellDag siden

    i started too watch this video at 12:00 LOL

  • Matthew Varsam
    Matthew VarsamDag siden

    Has anyone thought he always wastes a lot of money he spends money and then gives the things away or breaks it

  • Lilly Bonilla
    Lilly BonillaDag siden

    Unspeakable: 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  • Lilly Bonilla
    Lilly BonillaDag siden

    Unspeakable: wait there two I- :James: shut up I ain’t talking to you :Unspeackable: *pulls hat down sadly*

  • Lilly Bonilla
    Lilly BonillaDag siden

    James:yo help push me up real quick :Gabe:the stake is still on the table :James: 😑😐😐💁🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️… his mind: your so stuped

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  • tyler tran
    tyler tranDag siden

    Y r u unspeakelble butt u speak tho

  • dena Collins
    dena CollinsDag siden

    Unspeakable I always wanted to try to have a video with you but I never get too cuz I never get to see you cuz I live in Faribault

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    Lacey CarrollDag siden

    Hi mister unspeakable hehehe could I get a shoutout

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    Justin TavarezDag siden

    No the Nintendo switch how dare you how dare you break the Nintendo switch

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  • John Wick
    John WickDag siden

    I like your videos I watch them all the time I subscribe and I really need a PlayStation and a switch

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    Karina VelardeDag siden

    Me plz I love you vids for Christmas I will buy your merch ok I will buy some tomorrow

  • Coraline Astello
    Coraline AstelloDag siden

    When the grill fell I almost had a heart attack

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    SamsStuffYTDag siden

    I can’t by much

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    I bought everything you have

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    im a fan of our vid

  • Isaiah Duford
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    i love your vid

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    I really want one but I don't have enough money to buy some merch

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    Can I have a PS4

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    Poor spider

  • Fortnite WithGavin
    Fortnite WithGavinDag siden

    bro FaZe Rug Would Literally Flip when they broke that toaster

  • Matthew Gurtman
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    Come and join Australia unspeakable I haven’t seen you in once A day

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    sergsaa sergsaaDag siden

    Make another giveaway

  • sergsaa sergsaa
    sergsaa sergsaaDag siden

    Make another one

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    I really want a switch I never had one before please I never got one

  • Mr penguin
    Mr penguinDag siden

    This made me cry

  • Nala-the rainleafwing
    Nala-the rainleafwingDag siden

    i thought u stole my nintido lite but liderly mine has gone through so many drops and only has a crack on the screen protector 1:23

  • James bishop
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  • Sniper Guy
    Sniper GuyDag siden

    Rip cheese 2020 🧀 😔

  • Sarah Deschamps
    Sarah DeschampsDag siden

    can you deliver to canada because thats where i live

  • JessCotten28
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    He said 25 entendo switch’s

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    You watching an old video the giveaway dosent last you:😃😅😔😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    CASSIDY CRANEDag siden

    3:27 Nobody: memes: AND HERE COMES THE GIANT PUNCH oof

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    Jason GlaneuskiDag siden

    Unspeakable bags you tell by his march

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    i subcribe to unspeakable

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    I did say I did it what now I buy everything I buy the larger box and the pencil everything that much everything that's why you're giving away something that you're giving away so much Nintendo switch and what's the code