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  • Erin Karbowski
    Erin Karbowski2 timer siden


  • rashmi maheshwari
    rashmi maheshwari2 timer siden

    Never have you ever rode a babies scooter

  • Jolene Lofton
    Jolene Lofton3 timer siden

    I live in Louisiana

  • Suzanna Venter
    Suzanna Venter3 timer siden


  • whether99 sup plz
    whether99 sup plz4 timer siden

    2+2 is 4

  • Joshua Belen
    Joshua Belen5 timer siden

    I am

  • Corey Adams
    Corey Adams5 timer siden

    Unspeakable Love 💗

  • Hannah Barrie
    Hannah Barrie6 timer siden

    No I haven't cheated on a test and never skepped school

  • aiddn vollm
    aiddn vollm6 timer siden

    no texas i have not

  • aiddn vollm
    aiddn vollm6 timer siden


  • prestonfan unspeakablefan
    prestonfan unspeakablefan7 timer siden

    i wish i could be in texas

  • Kevin Sabko
    Kevin Sabko8 timer siden

    My friend used to be in Texas

  • Natalie Snow
    Natalie Snow8 timer siden


  • Violeta Collins
    Violeta Collins8 timer siden

    Unspeakable: Never have I ever been a wizard. James: I have Everyone Watching This Video: I have Unspeakable and Gabe: I have not Me: There are 2 imposters among us y’all... get them!

  • Avacado Doggo
    Avacado Doggo8 timer siden

    Wait..... I thought they lived together! I didnt know they each had their own house?!

  • Christina Rachelle
    Christina Rachelle9 timer siden

    Never gave I ever raged over a game

  • Gael Valdez
    Gael Valdez9 timer siden

    I live in Texas always have been always will be

  • فاطمة الهذلي
    فاطمة الهذلي9 timer siden


  • Akk Madish
    Akk Madish9 timer siden

    I have drank milk out of the dug

  • Akk Madish
    Akk Madish9 timer siden

    Hi unspeakable

  • Matthew Ladouceur
    Matthew Ladouceur9 timer siden

    How do you ever Licht the private

  • Alex Bishop
    Alex Bishop10 timer siden

    James does not have a house it's unspeakable's old house that I saw to get that house

  • John and Angela Richards
    John and Angela Richards10 timer siden

    i live in texas

  • TheShimmerGlimmer
    TheShimmerGlimmer10 timer siden

    20:20 *I haven’t...*

  • Josephine Brennan
    Josephine Brennan11 timer siden


  • Josephine Brennan
    Josephine Brennan11 timer siden


  • Josephine Brennan
    Josephine Brennan11 timer siden


  • Jennifer Miller Houtz
    Jennifer Miller Houtz12 timer siden

    no i never pretended to skip class

  • Abigail Krysinski
    Abigail Krysinski12 timer siden

    is that a good thing?

  • Jason Maire
    Jason Maire12 timer siden

    Have you ever ever slap somebody while they’re sleeping

  • Jason Maire
    Jason Maire12 timer siden

    Have you ever ever pooped and farted

  • Amelia Cannon
    Amelia Cannon13 timer siden

    I have not been in texix

  • Roberts Ziedins
    Roberts Ziedins13 timer siden


  • Kimberly Shepherd
    Kimberly Shepherd13 timer siden

    I have not been to Texas before

  • Karen Exinia
    Karen Exinia13 timer siden

    2+2 is four.

  • Nichole Hurd
    Nichole Hurd13 timer siden

    You could fill your house with your murch

  • Tonia Losty
    Tonia Losty14 timer siden

    hey big fan you the best

  • Katherine Grey
    Katherine Grey14 timer siden


    LEDIONTV15 timer siden

    unspeakable has made a grilled cheese sandwich with preston

  • Rotceh Amaving
    Rotceh Amaving15 timer siden

    I didn’t get all the achievements but I did kill the ender dragon 3 times

  • Eleen Guniemat
    Eleen Guniemat15 timer siden

    I swear I never skipped school

  • Brock Mittleider
    Brock Mittleider16 timer siden

    I like the video

  • Bence Fábián
    Bence Fábián16 timer siden


  • Mia Hubbard
    Mia Hubbard16 timer siden

    I have never skipped class I am only 8

  • mattalx41
    mattalx4116 timer siden

    I'm playing Mixcraft at the time

  • Rezalynn Shadley
    Rezalynn Shadley16 timer siden

    I live in Oregon

  • Bentley Tabbert
    Bentley Tabbert17 timer siden

    I cheated on a test and skipped school😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jackson Montes
    Jackson Montes17 timer siden


  • Pokemon Hunter
    Pokemon Hunter18 timer siden


  • Du11myd 645
    Du11myd 64518 timer siden


  • Jocelyn Campbell
    Jocelyn Campbell18 timer siden

    I am sub to you so I have

  • Mosie Choudhry
    Mosie Choudhry20 timer siden

    Hasn’t everybody worn crocs

  • Mosie Choudhry
    Mosie Choudhry20 timer siden

    I skip class and I’ve never cheated on a test but I’ve helped kids cheat

  • Samantha Clifford
    Samantha Clifford20 timer siden

    I live in Texes

  • Cyan Bower
    Cyan Bower20 timer siden

    Have you ever pooped in class

  • Jamie Evans
    Jamie EvansDag siden


  • charlotte shaw
    charlotte shawDag siden

    Never have you ever peed at school in your seat

  • Rylee Shroyer
    Rylee ShroyerDag siden

    Fill the house with slime

  • Fishywheel
    FishywheelDag siden

    No You will not FIND ME

  • Kaylee Oldner
    Kaylee OldnerDag siden

    im in texas

  • Alba Casia
    Alba CasiaDag siden


  • Avenger FamilyTv
    Avenger FamilyTvDag siden

    I live in TEXAS!!!!

  • Heath Gibson
    Heath GibsonDag siden

    I have not

  • Football Fan
    Football FanDag siden

    I have not cheating on a test

  • Felicity Buchanan
    Felicity BuchananDag siden

    i have not been to texas

  • Ramona Porter
    Ramona PorterDag siden

    Yes, I've been to Texas. I even lived there!!!😉

  • Ramona Porter
    Ramona PorterDag siden

    I am not allowed to buy over the internet or mail order,so it your merch to Target so I can buy your green dinosaur suit,some cups and your little unspeakable green merch guy.😎😎😎

  • Bella Ferrell
    Bella FerrellDag siden

    I have never cheated on a test because i am 8

  • Demetra Kaloidis
    Demetra KaloidisDag siden

    I have not been to Texas

  • Nadav Atias
    Nadav AtiasDag siden

    I never bin to Texas

  • Jack Jones
    Jack JonesDag siden


  • Cady Newton
    Cady NewtonDag siden

    Have you ever cheated on my girlfriend

  • Sigurbjorg Helga Vignisdottir
    Sigurbjorg Helga VignisdottirDag siden

    Never hev i avar kist a gorl

  • BexElle S
    BexElle SDag siden

    Unspeakable: Everyone on planet earth has pushed a pull door or pulled a push door Me: yeah.... I pulled a push bc it had a Handel

  • Karla Curtis

    Karla Curtis

    Dag siden

    I have to. A LOT

  • saumya singh
    saumya singhDag siden

    I never skipped school

  • mattanvdm
    mattanvdmDag siden


  • Rusty Lanicek
    Rusty LanicekDag siden

    i never snor

  • savage sanic 9000
    savage sanic 9000Dag siden

    I have not drank milk straight out of the jug because I dont like milk

  • Sophia Reed
    Sophia Reed2 dager siden

    Has anyone seen the spelling mistake at 14:04 I live grilled cheese sadnwhiches 😆

  • Abdelaziz Talal
    Abdelaziz Talal2 dager siden

    No I live in sudan

  • ExplodingJenga YT
    ExplodingJenga YT2 dager siden

    I have not pulled a push door I have good vision

  • ExplodingJenga YT

    ExplodingJenga YT

    2 dager siden

    Not lying

  • Rae Western
    Rae Western2 dager siden


  • Dawn Wilson
    Dawn Wilson2 dager siden

    Never have I ever punched Gabrielle

  • Jenny Buffington
    Jenny Buffington2 dager siden

    I Love your videos

  • Chauntel Smith
    Chauntel Smith2 dager siden

    2+2 is 4

  • SethDaBoss _1
    SethDaBoss _12 dager siden

    I have never drank from the milk jug im Canadian

  • soledad aguilar
    soledad aguilar2 dager siden

    3:00 Nathan smells smelly armpits

  • Random Robloxian - Roblox And More
    Random Robloxian - Roblox And More2 dager siden

    I actually have not cheated on a test and I’m in middle school......

  • Shane Dimmick
    Shane Dimmick2 dager siden

    No. I’m. In. 1st. Grade

  • Gamer Group
    Gamer Group2 dager siden

    I’ve eaten grilled cheese and I probably could make one if I wanted to but I’ve never made one by myself

  • CynthiaD0191
    CynthiaD01912 dager siden

    I have skipped school so I pick I have

  • Azoz Az
    Azoz Az2 dager siden

    I tried to push the door but he was Wrangway bye-bye dad told me he knows how to open doors a.k.a. Pindos can you be good is it well you do it at well

  • Kaiden Chan
    Kaiden Chan2 dager siden

    ive never been out of the state

  • Lilytube
    Lilytube2 dager siden

    Nathan (Unspeakable): Everyone has drank milk out the gallon or half gallon cause you know your to lazy to pull out a glass. Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know if I have but I'm usually lazy but...... I'm not sure about everyone Nathan.(Unspeakable)

  • Shannon Jacobson
    Shannon Jacobson2 dager siden

    i was at my friends house and i tried to push her door open because thats how you open every single door in my house

  • Azoz Az
    Azoz Az2 dager siden

    Yes I know I’m from Saudi Arabia but Corona time yes I know we could’ve gone from I’m so

  • Azoz Az
    Azoz Az2 dager siden

    Find me I’m from always in Saudi Arabia I challenge you to find me can you find me I’ll give you 10 million thousand 1000 mil sorry we’re going to meet police trouble Siri go to a baby go to jail time for today is to 15 years

  • Azoz Az
    Azoz Az2 dager siden

    Yes I cheated on the 10th and I skipped class but could you give me information I was I was kind of sick actually when my dad took me to school you don’t know when my belly started to hurt I go to downstairs there is a lot of other teachers we go to I go to the teacher and my belly is hurting and he said it’s okay to skip one class I said ok

  • Azoz Az
    Azoz Az2 dager siden

    Oh no pressure on the watch but I forgot what I promise your father video but I can’t forgot and I’ve been in for you now and you be and I’ll copy you be a cop I need to rest Preston really

  • Shannon Jacobson
    Shannon Jacobson2 dager siden

    i have liked an unspeakeabal vid