I Built A REAL Lego House! LIFE SIZE

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  • Faruk Brkic
    Faruk Brkic58 minutter siden

    This is a Copy of mr beast

  • Tye Hoffmannbeck
    Tye Hoffmannbeck9 timer siden

    Y the best NOlocal

  • K Baldwin
    K Baldwin15 timer siden

    I guess you can say this house is... UNSPEAKABLE 😂😉🏠

  • Dreama Killingsworth
    Dreama Killingsworth17 timer siden

    You should put a wall of all the mega and ultra nerf guns

  • Aryan Chaturvedi
    Aryan ChaturvediDag siden

    Where is slide

  • Marcel Berglund
    Marcel BerglundDag siden

    Come on... Don't say that it's a lego house if you were lazy and used some kind of mega bricks.

  • Ninja Babies
    Ninja BabiesDag siden

    Where are James and Gabe

  • Ben Thompson’s Life
    Ben Thompson’s LifeDag siden

    Next build a working Lego Lamborghini Like so unspeakable to see

  • Arcade 1511
    Arcade 1511Dag siden

    Mom !!! The neighbours house broke again

  • Vicki Spencer
    Vicki Spencer2 dager siden

    Ho no

  • Taraji O'Neil
    Taraji O'Neil2 dager siden

    Yall need to make a bedroom so when you move in you have a own bedroom and add a bathroom too.

  • Joshua Atallah
    Joshua Atallah2 dager siden

    What’s the song at 4:06, 4:28, 4:37, 4:52 and 8:11? Edit: reply unspeakable I love you

  • chris bowers
    chris bowers2 dager siden

    Can I see your slide

  • Bobdyland Le
    Bobdyland Le3 dager siden

    Bad lego home

  • Joseph Lafuente
    Joseph Lafuente3 dager siden


  • Cutie PieUwUz
    Cutie PieUwUz3 dager siden


  • Ahmad Ajini
    Ahmad Ajini3 dager siden

    Hey unspeakable can you do a minecraft life size house plz

  • Martin Molloy
    Martin Molloy3 dager siden


  • ADIEL GR2019AD02879
    ADIEL GR2019AD028793 dager siden


  • Patrick Valentino
    Patrick Valentino3 dager siden

    Wow I’m going to build a Lego house

  • Matthew Wurz
    Matthew Wurz3 dager siden

    Maybe you should put bol pit bols in that room

  • Carson Manicke
    Carson Manicke3 dager siden

    Ok I’ll like

  • Toby Leavis
    Toby Leavis4 dager siden

    To lojikal Ha

  • gideon opoku nyamaah
    gideon opoku nyamaah5 dager siden

    Its really very nice but I have a question why do you have the ware house but the Lego house is inside

  • Lego Masterminds
    Lego Masterminds5 dager siden

    Why did you build your lego house in a warehouse

  • Cassandra Poe
    Cassandra Poe5 dager siden

    Cheater!! That's only lego walls after regular walls

  • SAJ Kid
    SAJ Kid5 dager siden

    I think The upstairs should be a Merch room

  • Wertsir
    Wertsir6 dager siden

    Only 90k? Honestly lego house is waaay cheaper than an actual house.

  • Gareth Hards

    Gareth Hards

    6 dager siden


  • Nita Clayton
    Nita Clayton7 dager siden

    Beat this I got a three-story LEGO house with balcony the Lego pool

  • Nita Clayton

    Nita Clayton

    7 dager siden

    Big three storey house LEGO house is it my Warehouse bigger than my house

  • Aisha Khan
    Aisha Khan7 dager siden

    Unspeakable in 2070: building a life sized LEGO Eiffel Tower

  • Firegod 1mil

    Firegod 1mil

    4 dager siden

    I don’t know

  • ImmaRabbit
    ImmaRabbit8 dager siden

    You should put more bookshelves next to the garage bookshelf so it blends in and also make it so that you pull a book and it open the door to the garage

  • Duchy PN. Sebi
    Duchy PN. Sebi9 dager siden

    yea you nead to live in the lego howse

  • Princess Apolo
    Princess Apolo10 dager siden


  • Ethan Cary
    Ethan Cary10 dager siden

    That’s unspeakable for you he buys Legos the size of your head

  • Justin Evans
    Justin Evans10 dager siden

    I heard that unspeakable made a Lego house and I made a Lego house before and I lived in it

  • Stella Agaronin
    Stella Agaronin10 dager siden

    You should of putt it outside

  • cellyindrawan
    cellyindrawan10 dager siden

    likes likes and more likes i want a life size lego house

  • Kean Clarence Caña
    Kean Clarence Caña10 dager siden

    thats take 10k dollars for working that lego house

  • Ronni ASSEMANY
    Ronni ASSEMANY11 dager siden

    Despicable I seen you should live in his house for like sell your house and then live in it

  • RM - 04FV 832627 McClure PS
    RM - 04FV 832627 McClure PS12 dager siden

    he is prestons freind

  • Aiden Joo
    Aiden Joo12 dager siden

    get 1 more thousand And You GET 400,000 Likes!

  • Dinopiggy's Animations
    Dinopiggy's Animations12 dager siden

    Make a Lego treehouse

  • Kevin Snodgrass
    Kevin Snodgrass12 dager siden

    he jest is a HOMELESS

  • James Kang
    James Kang12 dager siden


  • Kimo Rizky
    Kimo Rizky13 dager siden

    Hey unspeakable i want to go to your house

  • Kimo Rizky
    Kimo Rizky13 dager siden

    Werf axdf

  • Xxx Phoenix xxX
    Xxx Phoenix xxX13 dager siden


  • Micah La Croix
    Micah La Croix13 dager siden

    How the hell was he able to do that.

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts14 dager siden


  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts14 dager siden

    At the start what lego shape is he wholeding

  • abel123321
    abel12332114 dager siden

    I am speechless

  • abel123321
    abel12332114 dager siden

    why did you want to become a youtuber?

  • abel123321
    abel12332114 dager siden


  • Marielle Rebekah
    Marielle Rebekah14 dager siden

    Hi I am new to the canel can you give me a shote out from: marielle rebekh :)

  • Lindsey Wagoner
    Lindsey Wagoner14 dager siden


  • Lindsey Wagoner
    Lindsey Wagoner14 dager siden

    How dose he get it out side

  • Mathew A Vela
    Mathew A Vela15 dager siden

    Im jealous I want a house exactly like that

  • Derrick Cheng
    Derrick Cheng15 dager siden

    unspekable this is great

  • Monkeyboy 2.0
    Monkeyboy 2.015 dager siden

    James May did it better with small Lego bricks and holds the world record for building a life size Lego house taller than yours. Just saying

  • abel123321
    abel12332115 dager siden

    how much days did it take you unspeakable

  • abel123321
    abel12332115 dager siden


  • Mary Anderson-Bailey
    Mary Anderson-Bailey15 dager siden

    build a LEGO tree house

  • Mary Anderson-Bailey
    Mary Anderson-Bailey15 dager siden


  • Jessie Ennis
    Jessie Ennis15 dager siden


  • Asteroidwall Gaming
    Asteroidwall Gaming15 dager siden

    I have a cabin.

  • Emily D'Arcy
    Emily D'Arcy15 dager siden

    I like it

  • Elsa Belsa
    Elsa Belsa16 dager siden


  • Tim Sproles
    Tim Sproles16 dager siden

    I really would like if you could live in the LEGOhoase

  • cupcake lover237
    cupcake lover23716 dager siden

    this is the first vidio i ever wached on the chanle

  • Leanne Ellingson
    Leanne Ellingson16 dager siden

    You should live in it.

  • Leanne Ellingson
    Leanne Ellingson16 dager siden

    You should build a playground out of Legos!!!!

  • LoliukasUDris Gaming
    LoliukasUDris Gaming16 dager siden

    cover the inside with left overs

  • NotYourGacha
    NotYourGacha16 dager siden

    Live in it ÛwÛ

  • Charles Dary
    Charles Dary17 dager siden

    Unspeakable live in your lego house for 24 hours

  • Prince Sharma
    Prince Sharma17 dager siden

    Who else saw james in the timlaps. Love from India

  • Борис Борис
    Борис Борис17 dager siden


  • Riley Brunelle
    Riley Brunelle17 dager siden

    how do you make youtube videos

  • Riley Brunelle
    Riley Brunelle17 dager siden

    i like the funny tricks for your wife

  • Riley Brunelle
    Riley Brunelle17 dager siden

    who did you call to make it

  • Riley Brunelle
    Riley Brunelle17 dager siden

    your ball video is funny

  • Riley Brunelle
    Riley Brunelle17 dager siden

    i want unspeakable to make me a lego house for me to live in

  • Riley Brunelle
    Riley Brunelle17 dager siden

    me and my brother love your videos i want you to live in it put a bed room in it

  • Elliott Lempner
    Elliott Lempner17 dager siden

    O.M.G. That is totally awesome!!!!

  • Hendrick Arias
    Hendrick Arias17 dager siden

    I want you to build a treehouse

  • gbc pedro
    gbc pedro17 dager siden

    remnant from the ashes

  • Hurricane the #20
    Hurricane the #2018 dager siden

    How much money did you spend on the giant Lego bricks

  • Swaroop Krishna
    Swaroop Krishna18 dager siden

    Can I have 1 lego block? b'coz I don't have 1

  • Jason Long
    Jason Long18 dager siden

    is there a water slide

  • Daniel Hama
    Daniel Hama18 dager siden

    Hi loves inspeebool

  • Monu Purohit
    Monu Purohit19 dager siden


  • Min pyae Sone
    Min pyae Sone19 dager siden

    I no the save room is toilet

  • Jacob Curiel
    Jacob Curiel19 dager siden

    Can you plz make one🥺

  • Jacob Curiel
    Jacob Curiel19 dager siden

    I realy want unspeakable to make a lego tree house

  • Rohaan Abaid

    Rohaan Abaid

    17 dager siden

    Good idea I luv dat 👍

  • alicia riley
    alicia riley19 dager siden


  • Cesar Serrano
    Cesar Serrano19 dager siden

    Put a lambo

  • Elaine Whisenton
    Elaine Whisenton19 dager siden

    Unspeakable you are the best youtuber i ever watched I'm just sad cus I can't subscribe to the channel because my mom said I can't but your the best youtuber ever I watch all of your videos

  • Maddie Delacruz
    Maddie Delacruz19 dager siden

    I follow you on Tik tok

  • Zach Sanchez
    Zach Sanchez19 dager siden

    I fail Jealous

  • Ksenia Ryabova
    Ksenia Ryabova19 dager siden


  • Carmen Martinez
    Carmen Martinez19 dager siden

    Wow that house is big