I Made A REAL Minecraft CITY!

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  • Thomas Harker
    Thomas Harker50 minutter siden

    preston and brianna

  • Antonio Flores Diaz
    Antonio Flores Diaz3 timer siden

    These houses are sick

  • Beulha Van Wyk
    Beulha Van Wyk4 timer siden


  • Beulha Van Wyk
    Beulha Van Wyk4 timer siden


  • Beulha Van Wyk
    Beulha Van Wyk4 timer siden


  • Beulha Van Wyk
    Beulha Van Wyk4 timer siden


  • Dessislava Tchoneva
    Dessislava Tchoneva4 timer siden

    did you know I have minecraft and I love it

  • Fadhel ALHAWAJ
    Fadhel ALHAWAJ5 timer siden

    unspeakable add MrBeast and his friends karl and chris and chandler they amazing bro

  • Creative Experiments And DIY
    Creative Experiments And DIY6 timer siden


  • Autumn Caruso
    Autumn Caruso6 timer siden

    Presten and fazrug 🐸🐸🐸

    AARAV THE RAGE9 timer siden

    Netherite concrete obsidian

  • Silchira chiamay
    Silchira chiamay9 timer siden

    A big house

  • Fatima Alesha Baral
    Fatima Alesha Baral10 timer siden

    Can preston and briyana go ther

  • Fatima Alesha Baral
    Fatima Alesha Baral10 timer siden

    Wow thats tha cooles real minecraft house

  • Leonardo Ramos
    Leonardo Ramos10 timer siden

    Also ender dragon

  • Leonardo Ramos
    Leonardo Ramos10 timer siden

    Dienond blocks iron blocks and pink bed

  • Danielle Hopfinger
    Danielle Hopfinger12 timer siden

    where did you get these boxes

  • Maverick The renegade
    Maverick The renegade13 timer siden

    Preston and Barney

  • Leyton Ahner
    Leyton Ahner14 timer siden

    glad dime wood

  • Lisa Goff
    Lisa Goff15 timer siden

    I counted higher than 3

  • Eve Ting
    Eve Ting16 timer siden

    I want Preston and Brianna to go in the house

  • Joseph Barker
    Joseph Barker17 timer siden

    I will billdit in minecraft ok

  • Dig a pig Zero
    Dig a pig Zero17 timer siden


  • Ivy O'Neill
    Ivy O'Neill19 timer siden

    preston and bri

  • Rhoda Alfonso
    Rhoda Alfonso19 timer siden


  • Arzu Demirezen
    Arzu Demirezen19 timer siden


  • Finnian Solis
    Finnian Solis20 timer siden

    netherite dimond gold

  • Tamlyn Rhodes
    Tamlyn Rhodes21 time siden


  • Amith Sheshachala
    Amith Sheshachala21 time siden

    I think Preston and shark

  • Chloe Mullins
    Chloe Mullins22 timer siden

    Bri and rawwfishing

  • Chloe Mullins
    Chloe Mullins22 timer siden

    Diamonds gold and rose quartz in Minecraft

  • Yap June
    Yap June23 timer siden

    Mr beast Preston unspeakable the NOlocal channel

  • mohamed ahmed
    mohamed ahmedDag siden

    Yes it has to be Preston and brianna

  • Richard Araujo
    Richard AraujoDag siden

    Diamond coal in gold

  • Erin Henry
    Erin HenryDag siden

    I have the same poster as James XD

  • Mariasofia Villedo
    Mariasofia VilledoDag siden

    Me I want that diamond

  • Meredith Cairo
    Meredith CairoDag siden

    Moose and Shark

  • Xxxx Oooo
    Xxxx OoooDag siden

    Diman gold wood

  • Antonio Padua
    Antonio PaduaDag siden

    Preston and brie

  • Mariam Alrashidi
    Mariam AlrashidiDag siden

    Diamond and gold and emerald name is million

  • linda Friedman
    linda FriedmanDag siden

    I think Preston and bring should come

  • linda Friedman
    linda FriedmanDag siden

    that is really cool I love your channel ando my favorite blocks are Dimond Iron and white concrete

  • Lakia Forde
    Lakia FordeDag siden


  • m.s gamerz
    m.s gamerzDag siden

    My favourite blocks are 💎 diamond, netherite, wood

  • Esteban Videos
    Esteban VideosDag siden

    My favorites are 1.tnt 2. TNT 3.🧨

  • Esteban Videos
    Esteban VideosDag siden

    You should build you should make a con test and see who can build the biggest house and the best house and whoever has the shortest house and the worst house is going to get Nana is going to get their house and knock down while they’re still in the house and the person with the house the one that’s the house that is good but it’s also bad Is going to get their house knocked down but they get to watch it and the person with the best house doesn’t get anything done to their house I want to tell the person with the worst house she’s going to clean up the mess

  • NJVL
    NJVLDag siden

    presten and breana.

  • NJVL
    NJVL2 dager siden

    my favrit bloks are emrlds dimins and nethr korts.

  • undeedsablegaming
    undeedsablegaming2 dager siden

    mine is diamond gold and iron

  • Andrew Mills
    Andrew Mills2 dager siden


  • Andrew Mills
    Andrew Mills2 dager siden


  • Andrew Mills

    Andrew Mills

    2 dager siden

    Hi. Andrew

  • Nathalie Austria
    Nathalie Austria2 dager siden


  • Rebeca8pro unicorn
    Rebeca8pro unicorn2 dager siden

    Preston and bri

  • Shailu dharak
    Shailu dharak2 dager siden


  • Dhanan's Grills and Combos
    Dhanan's Grills and Combos2 dager siden

    My favourite block is Block of nethrite, Block of diamond and Block of emerald

    RN ICON2 dager siden


  • la rosa
    la rosa2 dager siden

    This is like minecraft

    BEANZ2 dager siden

    James is the Minecraft noob crafting tables and chests don't burn and furnaces that are smelting items don't burn flammable blocks

  • James Longo
    James Longo2 dager siden

    Favorite blocks are: TNT, Obsidian, and Netherite block

  • Pheesh EEE
    Pheesh EEE2 dager siden

    James: "I can sleep. There's no monsters nearby." Me: Have you ever considered the fact that Unspeakable is a monster (No Offence) Unspeakable: Chooses Diamond block house Me: *Grian left the game*

  • Jeramiah Styers

    Jeramiah Styers

    Dag siden

    Haha that's kinda funny and kinda right but some times unspeakable is a monster that is kinda right

  • Daffodil Padernal
    Daffodil Padernal2 dager siden

    Kantang ka ba roblox

  • Frimasari Ekafianti
    Frimasari Ekafianti2 dager siden

    Maybe mr.beast or someone??

  • Lexi Elis
    Lexi Elis2 dager siden


  • Jinky Bustamante
    Jinky Bustamante2 dager siden

    Brianna and Preston

  • B Coccia
    B Coccia2 dager siden

    Preston and Brianna

  • Maria Carmela Gaila
    Maria Carmela Gaila2 dager siden

    I want that

  • Elon's Cool Stuff on Youtube
    Elon's Cool Stuff on Youtube2 dager siden

    Cobblestone normal stone diamond and gold

  • Gheraldyn Galacio
    Gheraldyn Galacio2 dager siden

    I rush here coz i love minecraft HAHA

  • Monera Jomaa
    Monera Jomaa2 dager siden

    Gold diamond Wood

  • Haeun Lee gaming
    Haeun Lee gaming2 dager siden

    I love youer video

  • Cammie Conrad
    Cammie Conrad2 dager siden

    Shark and moose

  • Cammie Conrad
    Cammie Conrad2 dager siden

    Diamonds gold and lava

  • nicole suggs
    nicole suggs2 dager siden

    Put in Brianna Put out Brianna

  • salientcue
    salientcue2 dager siden

    Tnt an Cole

  • Andrea Picking
    Andrea Picking2 dager siden

    Can I be in a video

  • zahirul islam
    zahirul islam3 dager siden


  • zahirul islam
    zahirul islam3 dager siden

    Nether right block

  • zahirul islam
    zahirul islam3 dager siden


  • gregg mervine
    gregg mervine3 dager siden

    Get Preston and draem

  • Ctttytyy rhgyytuh5gg
    Ctttytyy rhgyytuh5gg3 dager siden

    Someone said that Preston killed his real father

  • Benjamin Talarico
    Benjamin Talarico3 dager siden

    Preston and Bri

  • Roncel Joy Dela Cruz
    Roncel Joy Dela Cruz3 dager siden

    Jelly pls💓👈

  • Osha Al Remeithi
    Osha Al Remeithi3 dager siden


  • Steeler Rodriguez
    Steeler Rodriguez3 dager siden


  • Jess P
    Jess P3 dager siden

    /😊/ unspecable

  • Jheany Alvarez
    Jheany Alvarez3 dager siden

    I wish

  • Jheany Alvarez
    Jheany Alvarez3 dager siden


  • Denise Lesham
    Denise Lesham3 dager siden

    Wood Diamond Gold

  • Javeria Asif 9747
    Javeria Asif 97473 dager siden

    I want and mY bother but I cannot come

  • eunice cho
    eunice cho3 dager siden

    Who is it? *GO AWAY.*

  • eunice cho
    eunice cho3 dager siden

    Iron, Diamond, and Quartz

  • rhejhyne berbes cajurao
    rhejhyne berbes cajurao3 dager siden


  • Jack Esguerra
    Jack Esguerra3 dager siden

    obsi and netherit and diam

    MAKYLA FINE3 dager siden

    Bedrock, cobblestone, and netherack are my favorites, sorry if I spelt netherack wrong, I don't typically pay attention to spelling for minecraft

  • Thefnaf Plushyworld
    Thefnaf Plushyworld3 dager siden

    I love your Minecraft vids plz make more

  • eileen cabalquinto
    eileen cabalquinto3 dager siden


  • zaidyngamerlife 2
    zaidyngamerlife 23 dager siden

    Ha gabe spend all that time just for a house that's going to get blown up six weeks later

  • Shane Luther
    Shane Luther3 dager siden

    i love your video your videos are amazing

  • Kid Group
    Kid Group3 dager siden

    Gold diamonds coal

  • Myron Simmons
    Myron Simmons3 dager siden

    Preston and Brian