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    KWOK YI AU YEUNGDag siden

    Gun,Mv can you know

  • Delgado Prada
    Delgado Prada8 dager siden

    am good unspeakable

  • Nixxfox Games volgs
    Nixxfox Games volgs8 dager siden

    This cool!!!!

  • Carson Manicke
    Carson Manicke10 dager siden

    Sad to thin in like 2 months and a half U will be destroying it

  • meghan farrell
    meghan farrell11 dager siden

    How many crewmates are there in the start and how many are there in total

  • Jonah Terra
    Jonah Terra11 dager siden

    I want to go to his shop😊

  • Lori Klick
    Lori Klick12 dager siden

    I. Have

  • Angela D
    Angela D12 dager siden

    I love your videos

  • Xx CrushOrange1101 xX
    Xx CrushOrange1101 xX12 dager siden


  • Elle Rbee
    Elle Rbee12 dager siden

    Hey dude

  • Alexander Chekmak
    Alexander Chekmak12 dager siden

    That looks sic

  • VuyaniT Nyembe
    VuyaniT Nyembe13 dager siden


  • BEAST NoPEplaYer
    BEAST NoPEplaYer14 dager siden

    9:03 polar bear wears COCACOLA MERCH instead of unspeakable merch

  • Bryan Salas deLaCruz
    Bryan Salas deLaCruz14 dager siden

    Cares ballers

  • SavageEdits
    SavageEdits14 dager siden


  • michael mungia
    michael mungia16 dager siden

    i want your merch but my mom said no but it is ok

  • lin zainuddin
    lin zainuddin17 dager siden

    Nathan:thats a polar bear Polar bear(james):hello hello Polar bear (james): i want to buy red and White shird a cococola

  • brawler brawl stars
    brawler brawl stars17 dager siden

    8:55 i cant stop laughing and what is saying

  • Akyan Ahmed
    Akyan Ahmed17 dager siden

    Meeeeeeeeee ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

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    Diane Kelty17 dager siden


  • Ashleigh Prather
    Ashleigh Prather18 dager siden

    Hi ❤️

  • Ashleigh Prather
    Ashleigh Prather18 dager siden

    I love you understand

  • sean kuzey hart
    sean kuzey hart21 dag siden

    Imagine the full wall falling on you

  • Janice Morris
    Janice Morris21 dag siden

    I have truthly watched all your videos

  • Greatest Love
    Greatest Love25 dager siden

    Cool shop unspekable

  • Caleb Johnson
    Caleb Johnson25 dager siden

    You are the best NOlocalr in the world you are better than Me and Preston 😄

  • Silas Thrower
    Silas Thrower26 dager siden

    12345 Hacker pz 1000

  • Silas Thrower
    Silas Thrower26 dager siden

    I pz100000 I have mole likes than you I have 100000000000000000

  • Rosemary Anglewicz
    Rosemary Anglewicz27 dager siden

    I wish that I could live in Texas

  • Cody Blaze
    Cody Blaze29 dager siden

    That not a bug james that's a lobster 13:47

  • Cody Blaze
    Cody Blaze29 dager siden

    13:30 james chill bruh

  • Lacy Warren
    Lacy WarrenMåned siden

    Is there an actual unspeakable store? My 8 year old son is obsessed. (HFA) Realized we only live 3.5 hours. Worth a road trip for him.

  • khristina wright
    khristina wrightMåned siden

    Merchandise and

  • Avery Abrokwa
    Avery AbrokwaMåned siden

    I’M GETTING MERCH!!!!!!!!!

  • amb Biggs
    amb BiggsMåned siden

    James cracked me up

  • Raja gamer Gamer
    Raja gamer GamerMåned siden

    Unspeakable why 20$ for let sword Like if you want it to be 20 AED

  • Simp
    SimpMåned siden

    1:28 he is using dub step

  • Giuls Licc
    Giuls LiccMåned siden

    Hi I am a fan and I have you march I just got it and can yiu make more store vids

  • Roldan Eusoya
    Roldan EusoyaMåned siden

    i made my own unspeakble merch using my printer

  • Ethan Alvarado
    Ethan AlvaradoMåned siden

    It is just monopoly money

  • Eliana With Tiny!
    Eliana With Tiny!Måned siden

    Make a part two

  • April Kipp
    April KippMåned siden


  • Wendy Milikien Candelaria
    Wendy Milikien CandelariaMåned siden

    does enyone have unspeakable merch? like if you do!

  • Ulises Munoz
    Ulises MunozMåned siden


  • Destiny Couret
    Destiny CouretMåned siden

    Why is unspeakable a frog who knows why

  • Dilsher Leeuwenharten
    Dilsher LeeuwenhartenMåned siden

    you sould do a 24 hours challange with james amd gabe

  • Ashlynn Williams
    Ashlynn WilliamsMåned siden


  • Beth Mock
    Beth Mock2 måneder siden

    i love you

  • Julia Abdraboh
    Julia Abdraboh2 måneder siden

    Unspekabol do you now by end chad the NOlocal bers

  • Julia Abdraboh

    Julia Abdraboh

    2 måneder siden


  • Julia Abdraboh

    Julia Abdraboh

    2 måneder siden

    Unspekabol do you now vy end chad there are NOlocal burrs

    KEVIN CLENDING2 måneder siden

    I what to go

  • Mihaela Negoita
    Mihaela Negoita2 måneder siden

    My name is Lucas and Seven years old

  • Vanessa Elaine Cao
    Vanessa Elaine Cao2 måneder siden

    So your Merch doesn't Have Purples on it.

  • Annemarie Schehr
    Annemarie Schehr2 måneder siden


  • Chace Barr
    Chace Barr2 måneder siden


  • Pallab Das
    Pallab Das2 måneder siden

    Wow That mall is so cool** I think this is making me buy

  • Amy Ritter
    Amy Ritter2 måneder siden

    wen I grow up I want to be a NOlocalr and I want to make a store

  • giraffe crafts
    giraffe crafts2 måneder siden

    The best shop in America is Gucci Gucci Gucci

  • Duan Stassen
    Duan Stassen2 måneder siden

    The health inspector looks like robert muldoon from Jurassic park

  • Mr Rainbow
    Mr Rainbow2 måneder siden

    Is it just me or did I see James in a red shirt on 3:21

  • Team Hypergold BLUEGAMING
    Team Hypergold BLUEGAMING2 måneder siden


  • Jennifer Fox
    Jennifer Fox2 måneder siden

    Unspeakable nice man

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  • Super Lemmy Dancer
    Super Lemmy Dancer2 måneder siden

    Yo rule

  • Beau House
    Beau House3 måneder siden

    It is a good one

  • Arturo Aceves Llamas
    Arturo Aceves Llamas3 måneder siden

    Unspeakablekable you are the best One dat Decorate

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf3 måneder siden

    Everytime some one says"bugs" I say bugs bugs bugs

  • RL - 04BN 828552 McClure PS
    RL - 04BN 828552 McClure PS3 måneder siden

    r u ok unspeakable

  • Antonio Uvodic
    Antonio Uvodic3 måneder siden

    Guava juice did buy your merc. He likes it Let me know if you know guava juice. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • The real murderer from the comic edited
    The real murderer from the comic edited3 måneder siden


  • Merima Mehmedovic
    Merima Mehmedovic3 måneder siden

    How are u Unspeakble but u speak?

  • LuckyElyas AL
    LuckyElyas AL3 måneder siden

    That was fake *money*

  • Jenny Verdejo
    Jenny Verdejo3 måneder siden


  • gacha milk YT
    gacha milk YT3 måneder siden

    When I was watching this it was poring rain it was like ` GUU ima gonna smack ur house and say GUU !!! `

  • RJ M
    RJ M3 måneder siden

    80 of our shirts 80 SHIRTS

  • Nary Nuon
    Nary Nuon3 måneder siden

    i like how unspeakable react to the polar bear james

  • Ally’s Art
    Ally’s Art3 måneder siden

    lol I’m literally laughing my head off when the health inspector comes in

  • Kuan Liang Chin
    Kuan Liang Chin3 måneder siden

    Hi unspeakable I love to watch your video

  • Kalena Olson
    Kalena Olson3 måneder siden

    I have so many speakable merch

  • Aubrey Palmitessa
    Aubrey Palmitessa4 måneder siden

    I am sorry unspeakable but I think mr beast is better maybe if you both team up I will watch your vids again this is how many agree 👇🏻 👇🏻

  • Thomassina Shevalier
    Thomassina Shevalier4 måneder siden

    I love the jshskdbjf Hey jc Mrhdj

  • Isaiah the Diplodocus
    Isaiah the Diplodocus4 måneder siden

    Make a last to leave a Lego pool full of water and ball pit balls

  • Joy Montello
    Joy Montello4 måneder siden


  • a for almonde Pelfrey
    a for almonde Pelfrey4 måneder siden

    i love your shop i’m opening one of my own in a house

  • Cole High
    Cole High4 måneder siden

    I want you to like make a part 2 and more on the so that way people would be more interested be like what

  • Monster jam Justice
    Monster jam Justice4 måneder siden

    So cool man so cool

  • Karen Aicher
    Karen Aicher4 måneder siden

    i rather meet unspeakable

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  • Nick P
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  • Sadie Jo's Videos
    Sadie Jo's Videos4 måneder siden

    who thinks he should do part 2 like if u do!!

  • Sadie Jo's Videos

    Sadie Jo's Videos

    4 måneder siden


  • Vaniria Cabrera
    Vaniria Cabrera4 måneder siden

    Did you see James at 3:21

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    Click the subscribe button or your merch will come late..

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    Lovisa Morgan4 måneder siden

    Y’all are the best Y’all make me laugh y’all inspired me to open my own stor

  • Yaxon swaz music gamer and unboxing and wrestling
    Yaxon swaz music gamer and unboxing and wrestling4 måneder siden

    Love your video unspeakable

  • Small Boi
    Small Boi4 måneder siden

    Every 7 year olds dream "We're gonna spray paint the ceiling, put a disco ball."

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    who likes nathans merch store.LEAVE A LIKE

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