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  • Unspeakable
    Unspeakable3 måneder siden

    Did you guys see the END of the video?? OMG I can't wait to show you..

  • Prince Da silva

    Prince Da silva

    13 dager siden

    Hiiii broo

  • RedNinjaHype06


    18 dager siden


  • Evan Engle

    Evan Engle

    20 dager siden

    You bout a beach house it’s huge you have a movie theater and can I have a shoutout

  • Yahya Ghazi

    Yahya Ghazi

    2 måneder siden


  • Butterfly Roblox

    Butterfly Roblox

    2 måneder siden

    Do you have to sell your house?

  • Silly Evelyn World
    Silly Evelyn World8 minutter siden

    24 camping challenge

  • Emil Rasmussen
    Emil Rasmussen35 minutter siden

    Last to leve pool

  • Edwin Osborne
    Edwin Osborne47 minutter siden

    That's a dog 🐶 not a 🐈

  • gaming snake
    gaming snakeTime siden

    it dos bring back so many memories i love it

  • Alex Charro
    Alex Charro2 timer siden


  • Amber Eldred
    Amber Eldred3 timer siden

    That one then you break the car

  • Lynsey Givens
    Lynsey Givens4 timer siden

    Filled ball pit ball’s in the intire house

  • Mandi Rettmann
    Mandi Rettmann5 timer siden

    Hi unspeakable

  • Mandi Rettmann
    Mandi Rettmann5 timer siden

    When you fill

  • Trevor Channell
    Trevor Channell6 timer siden

    My favorite vlog in the house was the snow ball pit and the beach vlog when you guys turned it into a beack

  • Sandra Getejanc
    Sandra Getejanc7 timer siden


  • Mary ruth Segura
    Mary ruth Segura7 timer siden

    Why did you leave your house your old house its good but if you leave preston will not now where you leave

  • Georgina Learmont
    Georgina Learmont9 timer siden

    And my sisters is the 15 th And mums the 30 th Dads just in April

  • Georgina Learmont
    Georgina Learmont9 timer siden

    My birthday is the 22 of august # more celebration

  • BlueSteve_
    BlueSteve_10 timer siden

    The best video of this house is the lucky block

  • Alan Espinoza Gonzalez
    Alan Espinoza Gonzalez12 timer siden


  • connor loves gaming
    connor loves gaming13 timer siden

    My favorite memory of the vlog house was the packing peanuts

  • connor loves gaming

    connor loves gaming

    13 timer siden

    What if you do it inside your vlog house where you live right now

  • Liam Gomez
    Liam Gomez14 timer siden

    You got rid of Simon no I know him cents forever

  • Khushie Malhotra
    Khushie Malhotra14 timer siden

    The fake snow v video

  • michelle miller
    michelle miller14 timer siden


  • michelle miller
    michelle miller14 timer siden


  • Wyatt Gutierrez
    Wyatt Gutierrez15 timer siden

    the giant gameboard the don`t choose the wrong path

  • Alex Munoz
    Alex Munoz16 timer siden

    Candy land

  • CS R
    CS R17 timer siden

    oh oh OH

  • CS R
    CS R17 timer siden

    shandaler shanda ler whach out for the shandaelr

  • CS R
    CS R17 timer siden

    you can just look back at an old vid.

  • Baron bonbon
    Baron bonbon18 timer siden

    Your write Eva😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Baron bonbon
    Baron bonbon18 timer siden


  • Baron bonbon
    Baron bonbon18 timer siden

    ): l will miss this house you vloged in this for sooo long):):): how will you move the cats 🐈 😸😸😸😸😸

  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia18 timer siden

    Fake snow.

  • Ilyas Haidara
    Ilyas Haidara19 timer siden

    when you filled your house with Balls!!!!!

  • kailee bland
    kailee bland19 timer siden

    I SOLD My HOUSE Haha

  • Hing Tang
    Hing Tang20 timer siden

    My favorite video was when you made Minecraft food

  • Timlynx E.
    Timlynx E.20 timer siden

    2 day so 2 more day s

  • Rabbit Queen
    Rabbit Queen22 timer siden

    Fake snow

  • Gavin Larson
    Gavin Larson23 timer siden

    Corkuu wasn’t found on the floor is lava it was the dropping pumpkins off the Skafel and Gabe found him or her by accident

  • Gavin Larson
    Gavin Larson23 timer siden

    Doesn’t probably every room in the house have some history with Gordon and other pranks and vids

  • k-pop Dancer
    k-pop DancerDag siden

    fan maile

  • Veronica Santiago
    Veronica SantiagoDag siden

    I’m speakable why are you so moving your house

  • Care Delormier
    Care DelormierDag siden

    I don’t speak what I liked all the videos that you did

  • Brian Silver
    Brian SilverDag siden

    My fav video was the one when u filled ur intire house with packing peanuts

  • Fortniter Joan
    Fortniter JoanDag siden

    I remember the pancake robot videos it was amazing

  • Lila Achimu
    Lila AchimuDag siden


  • Mia Ortega
    Mia OrtegaDag siden

    I like all of your videos this guy and the ball pit balls

  • Marilyn Boyce
    Marilyn BoyceDag siden

    Snow and the beach and the ball pit balls and you making your cat a manchin and the 2 story lago.The big bord game in ril life i like all your video's

  • Violet Evergarden
    Violet EvergardenDag siden


  • Zarah Jane Ignacio
    Zarah Jane IgnacioDag siden

    ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

  • Gavin Larson
    Gavin LarsonDag siden

    I though Simon was a cat 🐈 not a dog lmao lol

  • Trenton Bartley
    Trenton BartleyDag siden

    the tall Logo wall

  • Rita Gagne
    Rita GagneDag siden

    Ball Pit balls

  • Ava's world
    Ava's worldDag siden

    I missed this house remember the old days

  • Andrea Lawrence
    Andrea LawrenceDag siden

    The fake snow video

  • omar santander
    omar santanderDag siden

    My favorite memory was the last to fall off the plank into water

  • Gertrudis Guanga
    Gertrudis GuangaDag siden

    do you think that would you be able to get get a new house

  • Rebecca Mann
    Rebecca MannDag siden

    My favorite video is when they turned there house in to a beach

  • McBurney Family
    McBurney FamilyDag siden

    I love every video you made in the log house

  • Cory Gray
    Cory GrayDag siden

    Ball bit balls

  • Kareena Merlo
    Kareena MerloDag siden

    I see you having a beach in your backyard

  • Kareena Merlo
    Kareena MerloDag siden

    I from the future

  • Abdul Ghani
    Abdul GhaniDag siden


  • Ashley Boswell
    Ashley BoswellDag siden

    The snow

  • Mackenzie And Mia vlogs and tiktok
    Mackenzie And Mia vlogs and tiktokDag siden


  • Lise R Johnsen
    Lise R JohnsenDag siden


  • Jenna Trigilio
    Jenna TrigilioDag siden

    11:37 prepare ur ears peoples

  • jt flowers
    jt flowers2 dager siden

    hi my name is pieper and my faver memery was the packing pneats

  • Luay Maktabi
    Luay Maktabi2 dager siden

    Why are you moving out your house

  • James Woolway
    James Woolway2 dager siden

    I woch the end of the videos.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    MICHELE LABRUCHERIE2 dager siden

    James Must Start a Channel called James tube

  • London Bond
    London Bond2 dager siden

    Go seek

  • Kan Pool
    Kan Pool2 dager siden


  • Andy Castro
    Andy Castro2 dager siden

    This one

  • Chelsie Emerson
    Chelsie Emerson2 dager siden

    The fake snow and the Ball what’s up to your chest

  • Jacob Gray
    Jacob Gray2 dager siden


  • Bhreathahnae Elle
    Bhreathahnae Elle2 dager siden

    I love the blanket fort

  • Jenin abdalla
    Jenin abdalla2 dager siden

    Unspeakable : yay Me:noooooo😢

  • Will Mcneill
    Will Mcneill2 dager siden

    You used to be my favorite youtuber

  • Tammie Grosvenor
    Tammie Grosvenor2 dager siden

    My favorite one is when you met at the house until out Beach

  • Dawn Henderson
    Dawn Henderson2 dager siden

    I'M CRYING 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dawn Henderson
    Dawn Henderson2 dager siden

    WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MOVE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Dawn Henderson
    Dawn Henderson2 dager siden


  • Aidan Baby
    Aidan Baby2 dager siden

    The sand house where somebody turned into crab and they stole Jameses fishing rod that’s so hilarious

  • Aleah Ransom
    Aleah Ransom2 dager siden

    The sand

  • Robert Sinor
    Robert Sinor2 dager siden

    What is your favorite color

  • Claudia Mendoza
    Claudia Mendoza3 dager siden


  • Lexie’sCraftKingdom
    Lexie’sCraftKingdom3 dager siden

    Bro do they even age cause in every vid they look younger

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B3 dager siden

    The ball pit video😊

  • Jeff Dye
    Jeff Dye3 dager siden

    Fake snow

  • Amy Parker
    Amy Parker3 dager siden

    Why is Simon a dog?

  • LovelyLady R
    LovelyLady R3 dager siden


  • Liz Kerling
    Liz Kerling3 dager siden


  • Gayle Root
    Gayle Root3 dager siden


  • conect it to a computer Hage
    conect it to a computer Hage3 dager siden

    trampaling one was my favorate

  • Marta Chekhovych
    Marta Chekhovych3 dager siden


  • Marta Chekhovych
    Marta Chekhovych3 dager siden


  • Sass Sass
    Sass Sass3 dager siden

    siogo õs?!msm

  • b Okalski
    b Okalski3 dager siden


  • eddic chan
    eddic chan3 dager siden

    Fill your house with Lego's and apples and invite me 😊😊😊

  • eddic chan
    eddic chan3 dager siden

    My is last leave trapollen

  • Donna Pedregosa
    Donna Pedregosa3 dager siden

    Dis video is so cool