I Spent 100 Hours In The Strongest CAGE! Challenge

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  • Mohd Yazam Jaamat
    Mohd Yazam Jaamat4 timer siden

    James and Gabe are so mean dide but i like it when they in the cage even does he cheated doesn't mean you guys mean t him dont worried bro im here for you dude.

  • Carolina Nuh
    Carolina Nuh7 timer siden

    Speakable 2 hours in a cage

  • Carolina Nuh
    Carolina Nuh7 timer siden

    Set close at hours 99 hours in a cage

  • Annie Holles2
    Annie Holles27 timer siden

    The feeling you dropped that cake like three times just NO

  • Karissa Roach
    Karissa Roach7 timer siden

    I love you so much

  • The Indo Rex
    The Indo Rex9 timer siden

    13:53 bro I am laughing so hard

  • Juney's Block
    Juney's Block10 timer siden

    UnspeaKable, i don't have a bank acawt, so i can't bey the merch well, i don't know if thats the prabium, but i can't bey merch.

  • 98klcarnes
    98klcarnes10 timer siden

    i think the camer man wants out

  • Brendan Hernandez
    Brendan Hernandez10 timer siden


  • Dec Traversy
    Dec Traversy11 timer siden

    when james and gabe throw the fart rgings nathan is trying to cover his nose but the cameraman:WhY DoES iT TasTE SpiCY

  • Alli Townley
    Alli Townley13 timer siden


  • Ethan P
    Ethan P13 timer siden


  • Alli Townley
    Alli Townley13 timer siden


  • Alli Townley

    Alli Townley

    13 timer siden


  • Justin Tavarez
    Justin Tavarez14 timer siden


  • Toty Garcia
    Toty Garcia14 timer siden

    if unspeakable wins James and Gabriel have to spend there for 24 hours who thinks James and Gabe since they're punishing unspeakable they should stay more than 99 hours

  • Toty Garcia
    Toty Garcia14 timer siden

    I can not believe that you are going to stay there for 99 hours they would stay there for 111 hour because you are going to stay there for 99 hours and you are going to get torchered

  • Jayna Hickox
    Jayna Hickox15 timer siden

    she's not entertaining me

  • Abby Carpenter
    Abby Carpenter15 timer siden

    Gabe and james need to jump of the Lego house 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Stelios P
    Stelios P15 timer siden

    Poor Jordan

  • Jadiel Rodríguez
    Jadiel Rodríguez16 timer siden


  • J Vohora
    J Vohora16 timer siden

    MAKE A VIDEO WHEN YOU THEM IN! sorry did not mean to yell I mean they should be in there they did all that to you

  • Asha Bohlin
    Asha Bohlin17 timer siden

    hi unspeakable

  • Phil Hernandez
    Phil Hernandez17 timer siden

    Sub to unspeakale

  • Marc Morris
    Marc Morris17 timer siden


  • EdtheHead1973
    EdtheHead197317 timer siden

    I have a white and blue recorder

  • Madison Klink
    Madison Klink18 timer siden

    Poor cameraman

  • Breakthroughman
    Breakthroughman18 timer siden

    Kicker ball

    JAMES BASS19 timer siden

    So can you do a challenge when you stay in the cage for a 100 hours

  • Syrus Kent
    Syrus Kent20 timer siden


  • Jeanette Kratzer
    Jeanette Kratzer21 time siden

    do a 150 hour challenge

  • Jason Szczepaniak
    Jason Szczepaniak21 time siden


  • Jason Szczepaniak
    Jason Szczepaniak21 time siden


  • Kyra Estes
    Kyra Estes22 timer siden

    I'M A. KID

  • Mohammed gaming channel
    Mohammed gaming channel22 timer siden

    I don't love dreams in game

  • Patrick Martin
    Patrick Martin22 timer siden

    Nathan I am so sorry I am so so sad

  • Kira Harmon
    Kira Harmon22 timer siden

    LOL I would sleep for like hafe of the challenge

  • Happy Egg
    Happy Egg23 timer siden

    I can climb that in 1 second

  • Kian Angelo Capin
    Kian Angelo Capin23 timer siden

    search ryan

  • Yeet Yeetamus
    Yeet Yeetamus23 timer siden


  • Lemonade Power lover
    Lemonade Power loverDag siden

    Me waiting for Preston to tourcher them : oooo please please do it! Please please do it!

  • mery lopez
    mery lopezDag siden

    17:22 “I feel like SPIdErMAn”- James 2020🤣

  • Mr Krabs

    Mr Krabs

    19 timer siden

    Copy cat

  • Kristofer leon Henrysson
    Kristofer leon HenryssonDag siden

    ok this is my nightmare

  • paul jacob manarang
    paul jacob manarangDag siden


  • paul jacob manarang
    paul jacob manarangDag siden


  • Daniel F
    Daniel FDag siden


  • Thongkham Kousonhsavath
    Thongkham KousonhsavathDag siden

    I liked it

  • SUPDUDE pro
    SUPDUDE proDag siden

    I watched this at school and i was laughing so hard

  • Michael Lesco
    Michael LescoDag siden

    I wish unspeakable would just climb over the fence

  • Underground sushi 2
    Underground sushi 2Dag siden

    Rip cake sad

  • Ethan Franzel
    Ethan FranzelDag siden

    when i am sad i whach you are you help me get thore the bad times

  • the tk wave
    the tk waveDag siden

    You can literally just climb up onto the toilet and then jump over

  • Rowan Mabry
    Rowan MabryDag siden

    I hav

  • James Polanco
    James PolancoDag siden


  • Xtrusted Nxarrator
    Xtrusted NxarratorDag siden

    They actually locked him in for 4.13 Days-

  • Amanda Jagod
    Amanda JagodDag siden

    I don't think you cheated Nathan and I feel bad for you

  • Lynnley Robertson
    Lynnley RobertsonDag siden

    hi unspeakable

  • meghanhayes88
    meghanhayes88Dag siden

    unspeakle we love you where your biggest fan

  • Aiden Martinez
    Aiden MartinezDag siden

    I feel so bad for unspeakable

  • Avery Grace
    Avery GraceDag siden

    He had to stay there fore 356,400 saconds

  • Amelia Linnecof
    Amelia LinnecofDag siden

    I cheat

  • coco jacob
    coco jacobDag siden

    The law says no cruel or unusual punishment police: i she nothing me: good

  • Ariel Landon
    Ariel LandonDag siden


  • Angelina Singletary
    Angelina SingletaryDag siden


  • Ariel Landon
    Ariel LandonDag siden

    100,00,00, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • coco jacob
    coco jacobDag siden

    Unspeakable: if you come near my cage I've got a weapon Cagers: how you gonna hit me there a barrier between us Unspeakable: stabs throw cage Cagers: should not of said that should not have said that

  • Sabastian Morales
    Sabastian MoralesDag siden


  • Sabastian Morales
    Sabastian MoralesDag siden


  • Rabiye Sarac
    Rabiye SaracDag siden

    I subskribe

  • Ramin kenshi The nine tail ninja
    Ramin kenshi The nine tail ninjaDag siden

    Unspeakable -i’m losing my mind and the timer hasn’t even started

  • Pascal Van vlaenderen
    Pascal Van vlaenderenDag siden

    you should trap unspeakable for 200 hours

  • Deb Webster
    Deb WebsterDag siden

    Is that the same for him today he’s been in touch for the first few

  • Sebastian Moreno Breser
    Sebastian Moreno BreserDag siden

    poor unskek

  • L. Matthew
    L. MatthewDag siden

    imagine if this vid got livestream

  • Judith Leese
    Judith LeeseDag siden

    You doth

  • Nurul Hafis
    Nurul Hafis2 dager siden


  • Nurul Hafis

    Nurul Hafis

    2 dager siden


  • I Dunno
    I Dunno2 dager siden

    No no no

  • R1LeY GaMeZZ
    R1LeY GaMeZZ2 dager siden

    Poor cameraman

  • Inga Rimkeviciene
    Inga Rimkeviciene2 dager siden

    wt* is wrong with them? i mean not unspeakable the other ones?

  • Vivien Perry
    Vivien Perry2 dager siden

    6:13 I dont know why but I love this bit Bro stop, your gunna make it smell like fabreeze

  • a y
    a y2 dager siden

    It’s 5 days 24x5 = 120

  • Darwin's Play Time
    Darwin's Play Time2 dager siden

    its just a annoying noise xd

  • Darwin's Play Time
    Darwin's Play Time2 dager siden


  • Brittany Payne
    Brittany Payne2 dager siden

    no a houl week

  • AK - 03NS 862342 Pte Buckam Singh PS
    AK - 03NS 862342 Pte Buckam Singh PS2 dager siden


  • Jen Shaw
    Jen Shaw2 dager siden

    My brain hurts. Were they trying to keep him in the cage or trying to get him out 😐😵

  • Lisa Zacharia
    Lisa Zacharia2 dager siden

    Can’t lie pls

  • Lisa Zacharia
    Lisa Zacharia2 dager siden

    It got 336k likes not 105l

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia2 dager siden

    Pore unspeakable 😔

  • tori downs
    tori downs2 dager siden

    (the first 2 seconds were funny)

  • tori downs
    tori downs2 dager siden

    THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aryan’s world
    Aryan’s world2 dager siden


  • Gaming Machin3
    Gaming Machin32 dager siden

    Wait what about the camera man

  • erika sourisseau
    erika sourisseau2 dager siden

    J'ai une guêpe et 10 minutes 3 minutes et après

  • Leland Warren
    Leland Warren2 dager siden

    👍= RIP FOR THE CAMERA MAN (who literally sat there the ENTIRE TIME)

  • Shelly Pollatos
    Shelly Pollatos2 dager siden

    Hi unspeakable I am a biggest fans

  • Nicole E
    Nicole E2 dager siden

    You said it was 100 hours but it was only 98 hours.unless you just added 2 extra hours to the timer after the 98 hours!😐?Bro I would be so board I can't imagine!I would last even 30 minutes😂😪

  • Sim Summer
    Sim Summer2 dager siden


  • Geanina Isachi
    Geanina Isachi2 dager siden

    okli doklie i subscribed

  • Jeff Morris
    Jeff Morris2 dager siden

    Stop bugging him

  • Karen McCarthy
    Karen McCarthy2 dager siden

    I like the Lego house