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  • Lobito SaisB
    Lobito SaisB24 minutter siden

    Get the most strongest man an

    JUAN AVALOSTime siden

    unspekable you cube 60 hat an semet

  • Bonnie Akerman
    Bonnie Akerman2 timer siden

    Unspeakably your videos make me do crazy things

  • feddy Laureano
    feddy Laureano2 timer siden

    I don't know if I can help in any way I can get a ride to the store and get some sleep and I will talk to you tomorrow

  • Daniela afton español Flores
    Daniela afton español Flores7 timer siden

    8:38 hahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhhahahahahahhahaahahhahahahhahhahahahahahahhahhhahahhahhahhhahahahahahahhahahhhahhahaahhahhahhhahahhhahaaahhhahhahahahhahhaahhahahahahahhahahhaahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahhhahahahhahahahahhahahhahhhahahahhhhahhahhahahahhhhhhhahahhahahahhahhahahhahahhahahahhahah

  • Noah Milhoan
    Noah Milhoan8 timer siden

    there sold out

  • Noah Milhoan
    Noah Milhoan8 timer siden

    i can not fin it

  • Coen Brokaw
    Coen Brokaw8 timer siden

    DA kids a cute

  • Peter Moore
    Peter Moore9 timer siden

    Your right ✅

  • Alex Deleon
    Alex Deleon11 timer siden

    If u wanna brake the cube then why do you start off with level 1 wepponds

  • Cathy Hensley
    Cathy Hensley14 timer siden

    I love you NOlocal videos

  • Hugh Olson
    Hugh Olson17 timer siden

    You are the best unspeakable

  • T8WCammo Playz
    T8WCammo Playz17 timer siden

    It has been 5 months and they still haven’t destroyed it



    13 timer siden

    really thats a op cube

  • Evelyn Trickel
    Evelyn Trickel17 timer siden

    Unspeakable looks like he made the worst with James and James looks like that he is just being loud

  • Desolate Flea
    Desolate Flea17 timer siden

    Fact: diamonds are stronger than any bedrock and obsidian

  • Desolate Flea

    Desolate Flea

    12 timer siden

    @pixle zeo bedrock is just compact layer of stone under the soil and obsidian according to the Mohs hardness scale obsidian is in a scale of 5-6, bedrock is in 1-9 and diamond is on 10

  • pixle zeo

    pixle zeo

    14 timer siden


  • Jennifer Hudson
    Jennifer Hudson18 timer siden

    That is Minecraft lava you will only BURN

  • Blue Rabit
    Blue Rabit19 timer siden

    6:38 do u know the differince between a pickaxe and a Axe?

  • James Nelson
    James Nelson19 timer siden

    Freeze your hand

  • Maxgamer2637
    Maxgamer263720 timer siden

    brooooo do a part 2 plzz

  • Rita Rangel
    Rita RangelDag siden

    I did

  • Anakin Hughes
    Anakin HughesDag siden

    Do not try this at home

  • Sofia and Santiago Islas
    Sofia and Santiago IslasDag siden

    Unspeakable i things you have to get a 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣🧨🧨🧨💣💣💣💣💣💣

  • Vickie Coburn
    Vickie CoburnDag siden

    And people you shouldn't do that type of thing because that is really really really dangerous I hope you be careful cuz I have a crush on

  • t c
    t cDag siden

    I did everything

  • nikral xam
    nikral xamDag siden

    Thick plastic vs tungsten one of the strongest materials which would win

  • Amanda Smullen
    Amanda SmullenDag siden

    8:25 I can NOT stop laughing at the scream 8:36 wow that is some funny basketball skillz

  • Kylie Jackson
    Kylie JacksonDag siden

    RIP rcar

  • Cool Fire
    Cool FireDag siden

    Also science rules

  • Kylie Jackson
    Kylie JacksonDag siden

    Unspeakable really hates this qube

  • Charleigh Davis
    Charleigh DavisDag siden

    My b da6 is on the June 23

  • Unstoppable Luigi
    Unstoppable LuigiDag siden

    Unspeakable: these are my kids... Me: WHY ARE YOUR KIDS IN BOXES???!,?.,!???

  • The Ding dong
    The Ding dongDag siden

    What on earth is this trash

  • Ant1889
    Ant1889Dag siden

    omg I am speach less

  • Ant1889


    Dag siden


  • The kreeper Playz
    The kreeper PlayzDag siden

    There’s a Minecraft server called cubecraft

  • Talon Reynolds
    Talon ReynoldsDag siden

    R.I.P James footrest 2020-2020

  • Vinodhini J
    Vinodhini JDag siden

    That cube looks stronger than the Titanic

  • Halo Boy
    Halo BoyDag siden

    Why have they got a riot shield from MW2 No Russian?

  • Josiah Kester
    Josiah KesterDag siden

    The cube is even more indestructible and stronger when frozen lmaoooo

  • Maxx McKinney
    Maxx McKinney2 dager siden

    You may not remember me but hello

  • Derry Randall
    Derry Randall2 dager siden


  • Susanna Wicker
    Susanna Wicker2 dager siden

    ninja star

  • Tami Palmer
    Tami Palmer2 dager siden

    Wow, the cube destroyed the RC car

  • Almie Lonzaga
    Almie Lonzaga2 dager siden

    See thegolf thing will not work

  • Kelly Clarke
    Kelly Clarke2 dager siden

    That is the strongest cube I have ever seen

    T0XIC FR0ST2 dager siden


  • Benjamin Elena

    Benjamin Elena

    2 dager siden

    Me time to kill your foot

  • Bilal Muaref
    Bilal Muaref2 dager siden

    jabe:screaming everyone else: calm

  • Angel Youn
    Angel Youn2 dager siden

    June 23 is meh birthday

  • alma bella mamangcao
    alma bella mamangcao2 dager siden

    Unbreakable cube vs weapons and unpeakable and his friend

  • Aiden Elliott
    Aiden Elliott3 dager siden

    Can you make a video where you drop a tungsten cube on another tungsten cube?

  • Kelly Quigley
    Kelly Quigley3 dager siden

    annihilate it with the plasma found in the cores of neutron_stars

  • Cooper Strauss
    Cooper Strauss3 dager siden

    Unspeakable 2.0 is like greninja from Pokémon, their both frogs and both have their toungs around their neck

  • Ed Agovino
    Ed Agovino3 dager siden

    What are you gonna break that unspeakable

  • Clarice Uy
    Clarice Uy3 dager siden

    Im still waiting for the tank

  • Armani Harris
    Armani Harris3 dager siden


  • Cynthia Grant
    Cynthia Grant3 dager siden


  • noleen cundelan
    noleen cundelan3 dager siden


  • Alex Koteles
    Alex Koteles3 dager siden

    That cube is made of Tungsten, Unspeakable. It's super strong. The lava is just going to make it stronger.

  • MATTYjoe614


    Dag siden

    He cant hear you in the moment

  • Ayla Hallab
    Ayla Hallab3 dager siden

    From were did you get the lava?

  • Teddy Legend
    Teddy Legend3 dager siden


  • Teddy Legend
    Teddy Legend3 dager siden

    Unspeakable, don’t you know TANKS Uhhh you don’t have enough room for and prob blow up earth?

  • Richard Cappello
    Richard Cappello3 dager siden

    I can't believe you will put lava on the wrong cowb

  • Teddy Legend
    Teddy Legend3 dager siden

  • Teddy Legend
    Teddy Legend3 dager siden

  • Teddy Legend
    Teddy Legend3 dager siden

    Poor cube has to go through all that pain :(

  • Raul Flores

    Raul Flores

    2 dager siden

    That cube is so hard I don’t think it feels a thing

  • Teddy Legend
    Teddy Legend3 dager siden

    How about bedrock???

  • Nothing like a good MEME today
    Nothing like a good MEME today3 dager siden

    Unspeakable said if we get this video 150k likes he is going to get a tank and other youtubers to help. But its been a couple months and 315k likes... He's not doing it yet.

  • LBoak 4Ramz4
    LBoak 4Ramz43 dager siden


  • Bunny Luna _plays
    Bunny Luna _plays4 dager siden

    Dat lava looked hawt 🤒

  • 2B Celle Capdevila Nicolás
    2B Celle Capdevila Nicolás4 dager siden

    SO FUNNY LAMO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ALESLLE Bruinsma
    ALESLLE Bruinsma4 dager siden

    use dry ice

  • Miranda Kline
    Miranda Kline4 dager siden

    My Birthday is June 23

  • Spy Guy
    Spy Guy4 dager siden

    The military need to get on this material - or just stop fighting each other

  • DG Beauty & Health
    DG Beauty & Health4 dager siden

    It was so funny when golfstic part floo of

  • Miles Steven
    Miles Steven4 dager siden

    Unspeakable : I don’t Think we’re ever gonna break it James : unbreakable

  • Gavi Woiderski

    Gavi Woiderski

    9 timer siden

    Unspecib my name is lynkin an I think that you are a a rile good u ton giey

  • Plasma Bolts
    Plasma Bolts4 dager siden

    Feel like if a sledgehammer can’t break it an rc car DEFINITELY cant

  • Talon Troxel
    Talon Troxel4 dager siden

    My ring is made out of tungsten

  • Plasma Bolts
    Plasma Bolts4 dager siden

    Imagine doing this but with a drop of neutron you’d get pulled toward it from its pure weight

  • Bucky Lover

    Bucky Lover

    5 timer siden

    Why you reply to your comment without anybody saying anything

  • Plasma Bolts

    Plasma Bolts

    4 dager siden

    A drop of neutron smaller than that cube will be a little lighter than earth itself and give some gravitational pulls, so don’t get a drop of pure neutron near you unless you want to become part of it

  • Peter Michael
    Peter Michael4 dager siden

    Vernon unspeakable said all those things about his unspeakable youtoonzI laughed so hard because I love unspeakable playing with toys 🙂

  • Maria Lopes
    Maria Lopes4 dager siden


  • Maria Lopes

    Maria Lopes

    4 dager siden


  • Virginia Van Ryzin
    Virginia Van Ryzin4 dager siden

    Unspeakable Play 4 night and adblue Reinhart as a friend

  • Virginia Van Ryzin
    Virginia Van Ryzin4 dager siden

    Unspeakable play fortnite

  • Sophon Pok
    Sophon Pok4 dager siden


  • Katie Utt
    Katie Utt4 dager siden

    I wonder why tungsten is the strongest thing I have ever seen

  • Oanh Nguyen
    Oanh Nguyen5 dager siden

    Do a rocket launcher

  • gustavo leon
    gustavo leon5 dager siden

    Use compressor machine

  • KenYuan White
    KenYuan White5 dager siden

    Together switchingw to get it

  • Clifton Holstein
    Clifton Holstein5 dager siden


  • Melody Alfaro
    Melody Alfaro5 dager siden

    Omg James is scream was awesome crazy and loud at the same time

  • melanie hensley
    melanie hensley5 dager siden

    you have kids ..................

  • Mr. Creeper
    Mr. Creeper5 dager siden

    Pause at 1:15 and it’s cursed

  • Jillian Busch
    Jillian Busch5 dager siden

    I am your biggest fan

  • Cristina Santos
    Cristina Santos5 dager siden

    Give the cube to a big crusher

  • Eliana With Tiny!
    Eliana With Tiny!5 dager siden

    I want you to make a part two about destroying does a powerful metal cube

  • Yue Pan
    Yue Pan5 dager siden

    Changing queen

  • Gary Boyce
    Gary Boyce5 dager siden

    Terraria fans: Then why is titanium hard mode and not tungsten...

  • Devin Lindsay
    Devin Lindsay5 dager siden


  • Vincent Perez
    Vincent Perez5 dager siden

    Why didn’t you guys buy an apartment instead the apartment on fire and leave the cube in there and see if it will burn or not

  • Kazem H
    Kazem H5 dager siden

    how you make toys

  • Kieran Childe
    Kieran Childe5 dager siden


  • Judith Gabronino
    Judith Gabronino5 dager siden

    YouTooz Toy