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  • Dessislava Tchoneva
    Dessislava Tchoneva4 timer siden


  • RealEntity808 Real life videos!
    RealEntity808 Real life videos!5 timer siden

    Unspeakable then: *looks at computer* wow Unspeakable now: *covers an iPhone with shaving cream hires a band to wake everyone up at 8:00 AM has a battle and make everyone insane* that was so not cool

  • Aaron gaming3013
    Aaron gaming30136 timer siden

    2012 the day is was born

  • Susan Legner
    Susan Legner7 timer siden

    i was born on 2012

  • Haleforce23 Gang
    Haleforce23 Gang8 timer siden

    If you can make my dream come true by flying to abbotsford I’d love you till the day I die

  • manuel rodriguez
    manuel rodriguez8 timer siden

    sksksk and i oop and i oop lol im trying to be vsco

  • Golden._.x
    Golden._.x9 timer siden

    i dont know why, but the young shark kinda looks like a Pokemon trainer.. but lIkEeeeeEeEe-

  • Family Fun PR
    Family Fun PR9 timer siden

    parcour dude

  • Amy Hardy
    Amy Hardy9 timer siden

    2012 was a year after I was born

  • Adventure Girls
    Adventure Girls9 timer siden

    You should try to re-create these videos

  • R A Craven
    R A Craven10 timer siden

    hey i play roblox and you are the best

  • Tanner Dante
    Tanner Dante11 timer siden


  • Shayan Mirkhani
    Shayan Mirkhani11 timer siden

    this is the best vid this vid was so funny lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Karen Baldock Gordon
    Karen Baldock Gordon12 timer siden

    I was just turning this on and I was already cringeing

    TATUM ANN KAIWA14 timer siden

    i wus born in 2013 .

  • Fidget toys Toys and fun
    Fidget toys Toys and fun14 timer siden

    I was born 2012

  • Kian Ghiassi
    Kian Ghiassi15 timer siden


  • Kendra Van Mol
    Kendra Van Mol15 timer siden

    You made that NOlocal video on 2012 when I was born

  • Beyza Sr
    Beyza Sr16 timer siden


  • Beyza Sr
    Beyza Sr16 timer siden


  • Beyza Sr
    Beyza Sr16 timer siden


  • Naufal Akhbouch
    Naufal Akhbouch16 timer siden

    that preston in 2012 looks like me

  • Marcus Brewster
    Marcus Brewster16 timer siden

    I was born in 2012

  • Erin Stewart
    Erin Stewart16 timer siden

    6:03 was sooooo funny

  • Uczeń Nauczyciel
    Uczeń Nauczyciel17 timer siden

    Soooooo funny

  • Elton Shishido
    Elton Shishido17 timer siden

    Can you come to my house at Hawaii

  • Elton Shishido

    Elton Shishido

    17 timer siden

    Can you come to my house I live at Oahu 11 Circle Dr.

  • Andrew Barzellato
    Andrew Barzellato18 timer siden

    Some of these videos were before I was born my birthday is 2011 December 8

  • Izzy Bizuy
    Izzy Bizuy18 timer siden

    Who watches vids early as 2 in the morning

  • Hudson Munt
    Hudson Munt21 time siden


  • Jonatan Hammer Kvalvågnes
    Jonatan Hammer Kvalvågnes21 time siden


  • Marie Andal
    Marie Andal21 time siden

    09sharkboy is sow kiut

  • jordon melanson
    jordon melanson22 timer siden

    I wus

  • jordon melanson
    jordon melanson22 timer siden

    Yer is close to my birthday

  • Jake Reed
    Jake Reed22 timer siden


  • Shelby Pike
    Shelby PikeDag siden


  • Willem afton Gh
    Willem afton GhDag siden


  • Ricardo Ciang
    Ricardo CiangDag siden

    I was born at 2012

  • Lisa Golightly
    Lisa GolightlyDag siden

    Unspeakable: 2012 Me: I didn’t watch it because I was born in 2013

  • NayNaiNei
    NayNaiNeiDag siden

    Hahahahaah,u are so funny and im dying in laungter

  • Noah's Everything Adventures
    Noah's Everything AdventuresDag siden

    i was that 91st sub

  • Brian & Heather Pugh
    Brian & Heather PughDag siden

    I'm cringing so much hahahaha

  • Slime Squad
    Slime SquadDag siden


  • Jessica Lof
    Jessica LofDag siden

    This vid 10m views and 340k likes

  • Nathalie Bautista
    Nathalie BautistaDag siden


  • gummyberger
    gummybergerDag siden

    That music at the end is stuck in my head

  • Rianna Hodgen

    Rianna Hodgen

    Dag siden

    Don’t like when that happens to me at all

  • Matthew James Mendoza
    Matthew James MendozaDag siden


  • Ian Gonzalez
    Ian GonzalezDag siden

    Your calm

  • mari E.
    mari E.Dag siden

    Look up tbnr frags oldest vids

  • mari E.

    mari E.

    Dag siden

    Unspeakable back then his name was perfect now they should chang his name to talkable

  • Matthew Gurtman
    Matthew GurtmanDag siden

    14 years ago man unspeakable

  • Matthew Gurtman
    Matthew GurtmanDag siden

    I like you unspeakable

  • Kip Graham
    Kip GrahamDag siden

    hahahha omg

  • Ahnaf Hossain
    Ahnaf HossainDag siden

    Hi jAMS YOU AR G OK!!!

  • Reeva Cramer
    Reeva CramerDag siden

    Dec. 13

  • Reeva Cramer
    Reeva CramerDag siden

    I was born in 2010!

  • 1fps_claberdaber
    1fps_claberdaberDag siden

    dont worry i told my mom you love her

  • Mark Ibrahim Penn
    Mark Ibrahim PennDag siden


  • IskIncFAN
    IskIncFANDag siden

    2011 i think i was 0 or 1 now i am 9

  • CC Ale
    CC AleDag siden


  • Hearts of Gold
    Hearts of GoldDag siden

    Unspeakable it got 8 million vewis James its because of my arm's Me😂😂😂

  • Robby Wells
    Robby WellsDag siden

    I love this!!!

  • Allie Adkins
    Allie AdkinsDag siden

    I was born in 2012

  • Winter Games
    Winter GamesDag siden


  • Crepe Puppy
    Crepe PuppyDag siden

    I remember the first time I ever knew about this channel- 🤣😜 I literally saw a thumbnail for a funny video and saw "Unspeakable" under it. Then I thought in my mind: Unspeakable? Who's that? Hope they're funny! *20 mins later-*- "YeP! They're funny!" Song- I hope you will never stop-making your vide-os! Me: YeP! Me ToO!

  • Gamer Guyy
    Gamer GuyyDag siden

    In the thumbnail 2010 unspeakable looks like Ed sheeran

  • Daniel Chruscicki
    Daniel ChruscickiDag siden

    i love your videos guys

  • Sean Mufson
    Sean Mufson2 dager siden

    When Gabe slipped right around the corner it was like my friend William when it been raining and he been running and he stopped and fell on his butt lol

  • Sean Gabriel Fausto
    Sean Gabriel Fausto2 dager siden

    Omg!! Gabe works with nathan a long time ago gabe old friend james new friend love you unspekable i,am a subscriber love you nathan a.k.a unspekable

  • Chloe Agpoon
    Chloe Agpoon2 dager siden

    Gabe and Nathan are like brothers

  • Georgia Wilson
    Georgia Wilson2 dager siden

    my big brother was born in ,2021

  • Janet Omandam
    Janet Omandam2 dager siden

    2012!?I WAS BORN AT 2010,i guess ur older then me then 2020 came im 10 now!

  • Janet Omandam

    Janet Omandam

    2 dager siden

    But im gonna be 11

  • M Far
    M Far2 dager siden

    The kid playing the I was going to cry

  • Rianna Hodgen

    Rianna Hodgen

    Dag siden


  • Avennix Miller
    Avennix Miller2 dager siden


  • Zahir Star Tube
    Zahir Star Tube2 dager siden

    Eating a banana 🍌 holding like while 🍽 a 🌮

  • Zahir Star Tube

    Zahir Star Tube

    2 dager siden

    What kind eats a banana 🍌 holding like a taco 🌮

  • Kimber Stoneberger
    Kimber Stoneberger2 dager siden

    What day ‘2012’ I want to know because if it is on May 8th ‘2012’ because if so it would land on my birthday 🎂

  • nicole veldhuis
    nicole veldhuis2 dager siden

    Biy have. Me

  • Jason Maneval
    Jason Maneval2 dager siden

    omg 2010 that is when i was born

  • Reese and Zoey
    Reese and Zoey2 dager siden

    he had 91 I have 2 please sub to my channel and click my icon to PLZ and watch my videos

    BLUEMOON GAMING2 dager siden

    4:24 i watch that world's tallest lego tower like 1 year ago

  • Louis Peeton
    Louis Peeton2 dager siden

    That is so sad that was 10 years ago

  • Epic Cow
    Epic Cow2 dager siden

    Haha tampas Haha so funny

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez2 dager siden


  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez2 dager siden


  • Makenzie’s Awesome World
    Makenzie’s Awesome World2 dager siden

    Hahahahaha this was 😂

  • Jordyn Mullens
    Jordyn Mullens2 dager siden

    Unspeakable: 2012! so 8 years ago. Me: Correct I was born in 2012 May

  • Bryce Blimkie

    Bryce Blimkie

    23 timer siden

    I was born in 2012 but not in may

  • Nicki Draper
    Nicki Draper2 dager siden


  • Nicki Draper
    Nicki Draper2 dager siden

    I was literally born 8/2/2021

  • Abdulrahman Daoud
    Abdulrahman Daoud2 dager siden

    Unspeakable I have a special request for you can you please make a video about avatar

    MICHAELA FIELDS2 dager siden

    unspekables the best

  • Sweet Scarletta Show
    Sweet Scarletta Show2 dager siden

    that was a few months before i was born

  • Sweet Scarletta Show
    Sweet Scarletta Show2 dager siden

    10 years ago

  • Spenser Gledhill
    Spenser Gledhill2 dager siden

    10 years ago wow unspeakable

  • KittyCorn 2140
    KittyCorn 21402 dager siden

    The apple versus banana 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aiden Vang
    Aiden Vang2 dager siden

    2012 ?! Iwas born on 2012 :o

  • Aiden Vang

    Aiden Vang

    2 dager siden

    Let’s go tatertos

  • Dadplus2
    Dadplus22 dager siden

    I am this guys kid/girl

  • Dadplus2
    Dadplus22 dager siden

    I was born in 2012

  • Kewal Mallhi
    Kewal Mallhi2 dager siden

    I am 10 right now and i am a girl not a boy i am using my moms dad account so ya bc i am lazyyy

  • Vanessa Khomich
    Vanessa Khomich2 dager siden

    2012 is when my little was born

  • Vander Gibson
    Vander Gibson2 dager siden

    I’m 9

  • Parkour Lord
    Parkour Lord2 dager siden

    2012 I WAS Born!

  • Adyaan Islam
    Adyaan Islam2 dager siden

    Unspeakable first ever gaming channel video was at 2012 l was born at 2013