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  • Jon Ritz
    Jon RitzTime siden


  • carlos sorani
    carlos sorani5 timer siden

    Wow you and Preston are like peanut butter and jelly

  • Fraencine Maree Quintana
    Fraencine Maree Quintana5 timer siden


  • Zillana Quilantang
    Zillana Quilantang9 timer siden

    I love preston i now that coin gold coin

  • Ralph Jacob Castro
    Ralph Jacob Castro12 timer siden

    Hey preston i have 2 of your merch and i joined your group in roblox

  • Prince Xi
    Prince Xi15 timer siden

    x n n n n m

  • Prince Xi
    Prince Xi15 timer siden


  • Jon Ritz

    Jon Ritz

    Time siden


  • Prince Xi
    Prince Xi15 timer siden

    Shyxgxbsh-jxwj#( x/ (duchess,. l廠商推薦我的新產品發表會的確很多人都會覺得自己的生活圈越來越遠

  • Prince Xi
    Prince Xi15 timer siden

    Nathen finds some poop and eats it

  • jenny sun
    jenny sun17 timer siden

    I’m the 700 liker of that comment👇

  • Amber Hutchinson
    Amber Hutchinson17 timer siden

    Nathan:this will blow your socks off Me:I'm not wearing socks

  • Shaurya Lad
    Shaurya Lad21 time siden

    Cool gold

  • Ethan Flaherty
    Ethan Flaherty22 timer siden

    You no what you are the best

  • Blueberry_Kat
    Blueberry_Kat22 timer siden

    The poor camera man that has to run with them and gets left behind 😂

  • Evan Lionel
    Evan LionelDag siden

    Unspeakable cupu

  • Khadija Rahman
    Khadija RahmanDag siden

    zombies are a

  • Jessica Rossi
    Jessica RossiDag siden

    I was on the edge of my seat

  • Alli Spalding
    Alli SpaldingDag siden

    I am a fan of both of them

  • Chelle Bayeta
    Chelle BayetaDag siden


  • Apple Nguyen
    Apple NguyenDag siden

    Your so funny!

  • woi oiw
    woi oiwDag siden


  • Morgan and Ethan Palmer
    Morgan and Ethan PalmerDag siden

    The cost of the coin is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Susie Sexton
    Susie SextonDag siden

    Preston and unspeakable Channel

  • JoJo Arsenault
    JoJo ArsenaultDag siden

    Nathan: THIS WILL BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF! me: i don't have socks on?

  • Zoe Swankhuizen
    Zoe SwankhuizenDag siden

    yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BOYS

  • Nesa Qorrolli
    Nesa QorrolliDag siden

    gooop guys

  • Steve Deihm
    Steve DeihmDag siden

    I have 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Steve Deihm
    Steve DeihmDag siden


  • MīSS LYDīA Looper
    MīSS LYDīA LooperDag siden

    I bought you a Lambo

  • chloe mitchell
    chloe mitchellDag siden

    You put sand there me: how that get there

  • Jhoanna De Leon
    Jhoanna De Leon2 dager siden

    Lol im from philipines its 9:47 pm

  • Hogi Sugiono
    Hogi Sugiono2 dager siden

    Why nathan noob

  • Sharron Burrows
    Sharron Burrows2 dager siden

    I think unspeakable will win

  • Adam Blankenship
    Adam Blankenship2 dager siden

    Hello Preston

  • Adam Blankenship

    Adam Blankenship

    2 dager siden

    I know you played Minecraft I watch your videos so much you don't like him

  • Grazvyda Novikovaite
    Grazvyda Novikovaite2 dager siden

    Pink shirt boy : spaaaaeeeeeeshhhh Me:SPLAAAAAEEEEESHHHH HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG

  • Ibrahim Ejaz
    Ibrahim Ejaz2 dager siden


  • ElectroX7 Series
    ElectroX7 Series2 dager siden


  • Chito Cano
    Chito Cano3 dager siden

    No James is the funniest because the part of the Halloween James just lay down on his tummy and then he jumped like a sealed 😑 and

  • Kake Kokko
    Kake Kokko3 dager siden


  • Zac Wilks
    Zac Wilks3 dager siden


  • mariarose ngosi
    mariarose ngosi3 dager siden


  • Shannon Jett
    Shannon Jett3 dager siden

    I do not like this video

  • Shannon Jett
    Shannon Jett3 dager siden

    i do not lic this

  • Yasmin Yasmin
    Yasmin Yasmin3 dager siden

    That looks like 70 Dollar

  • Kristen Holmes
    Kristen Holmes3 dager siden

    You make up bag videos I ever seen I can’t wait to see you 1234 go to his channel and subscribe to his channel and then go on Minecraft server I don’t want to destroy his thing in Minecraft for 24 hours in 1 to 3 force

  • Aubrie Ebertowski
    Aubrie Ebertowski3 dager siden

    I love you💖

  • rodrigorpinto
    rodrigorpinto3 dager siden

    How many times he said i want 👇🏻

  • ChrisMidel Gaming
    ChrisMidel Gaming4 dager siden

    Part two plss

  • Joshua Banks
    Joshua Banks4 dager siden


  • Brad Morse
    Brad Morse4 dager siden

    Preston is. Wining

  • Jackson Zuraski
    Jackson Zuraski4 dager siden


  • Matt Stevens
    Matt Stevens4 dager siden

    That treasure is not abandoned

  • Survival Boys
    Survival Boys5 dager siden

    I have that same metal detector

  • Majidrashid Shaikh
    Majidrashid Shaikh5 dager siden

    Do more videos with Preston

  • Lee_Tea Time
    Lee_Tea Time5 dager siden

    hahaaha i think preston is mad bahaahaha

  • Tyler Town
    Tyler Town5 dager siden

    /summon lightning_bolt

  • chel regalado
    chel regalado5 dager siden


  • chel regalado
    chel regalado5 dager siden


  • Jose Beltran
    Jose Beltran5 dager siden

    Preston mié neim es Jose an aim 8 years

  • Jose Beltran
    Jose Beltran5 dager siden

    You or culo Preston

  • Jose Beltran
    Jose Beltran5 dager siden

    In the left

  • Josefina Peralta
    Josefina Peralta5 dager siden

    It couldn't blow my socks off, Cause i wasn't wearing any-

  • Christian Jimenez

    Christian Jimenez

    3 dager siden

    Oh wow

  • nhi nguyen
    nhi nguyen5 dager siden


  • Avery Shaffer
    Avery Shaffer5 dager siden

    James gabe what did you do?

  • Cristy Bandiola
    Cristy Bandiola5 dager siden

    What we now that you traped preston and his wife and then he traped you

  • Ada Rodriguez
    Ada Rodriguez5 dager siden

    I like your videos can you do more like this

  • Martha Rios
    Martha Rios5 dager siden

    Preston has golden coin

  • April Baldwin
    April Baldwin6 dager siden

    Nice video nice video but I'll send you something on Christmas on speakable but but you have to send me some of your merch back

  • Violaine Le Bihan
    Violaine Le Bihan6 dager siden

    I watch all your vibe

  • Arlene Zuela
    Arlene Zuela6 dager siden

    Is this real if this is real and the money is ON NILLION y'all be rich

  • The gaming_soldier 1732
    The gaming_soldier 17326 dager siden

    They dropped the egg at the same time HAHAHAH LoL i

  • Michael Makio
    Michael Makio6 dager siden

    Well you have 4k dislikes does that still go on likes or bot

  • Michael Makio
    Michael Makio6 dager siden

    I love how they were punching the water and puching so tjry can make it to the other side of the beach it was so funny then after unspeakable said I am tired

  • Julianna Caeley Reyes
    Julianna Caeley Reyes6 dager siden

    Preston looks like a girl because of thE shorts

  • Jonorel Nuñez
    Jonorel Nuñez6 dager siden

    Hi Preston I love you!!

  • Maha Tadrous
    Maha Tadrous6 dager siden

    I just watched something that was really scary this was a relief compared to that

  • Bently Mccoy

    Bently Mccoy

    3 dager siden


  • Lol unicorn lover UwU
    Lol unicorn lover UwU6 dager siden

    Nathen: *throws egg and breaks it* Me: I jUsT sAw A mUrDeR (I’m in chukin club and is the leader)

  • GX 2030Kosloski

    GX 2030Kosloski

    4 dager siden

    @Will Mcneill They have no videos ur the same person 😂

  • Will Mcneill

    Will Mcneill

    4 dager siden

    Hi I’m your best fan

  • Gilary Charriez
    Gilary Charriez6 dager siden


  • Gilary Charriez
    Gilary Charriez6 dager siden

    You are coco 😹👻🧟‍♀️

  • 1Andulu
    1Andulu6 dager siden


  • Irma Aldaco

    Irma Aldaco

    6 dager siden

    I don't have socks

  • Magic Tingas
    Magic Tingas6 dager siden


  • Scott Baines
    Scott Baines6 dager siden

    I love you so much Nathan

  • Mrs. Lampon
    Mrs. Lampon7 dager siden


  • Batang 90's
    Batang 90's7 dager siden

    WoooooW i like when preston find a gold!!!!!

  • joker squad make noise
    joker squad make noise7 dager siden


  • Jodi-Ann W
    Jodi-Ann W7 dager siden


  • JDS Aircon
    JDS Aircon7 dager siden

    🛳🛳🛳🛳🛳 🇫🇯🇫🇯🇱🇸🇵🇫🇵🇫🤨😝🚧🎎🚧🛳🛳🛳🛳🚧🛳🛳🛳🛳🛳🛳🎎

  • Diane Arno
    Diane Arno7 dager siden

    Preston is so a pro and unspeakable is my favorite 😍

  • Brian C
    Brian C7 dager siden

    Of i sub i will make the sub button sad

  • Brian C
    Brian C7 dager siden

    How bout no about the sub button

  • Robin Hanington
    Robin Hanington7 dager siden

    i love my mom a lot

  • Jc play,s
    Jc play,s7 dager siden


  • Amanda Standring
    Amanda Standring7 dager siden


  • Annie Johnson
    Annie Johnson7 dager siden

    Preston I like your piece of gold

  • Axel Roca
    Axel Roca7 dager siden

    Axel 💵💵💵💵💴💴💸💸💸💎💎💎💎🤣🤣🤣

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  • Almazan Jordan Ethan
    Almazan Jordan Ethan8 dager siden

    It's a gold coin

  • Dorseyplayz
    Dorseyplayz8 dager siden

    I love both cannles