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  • Avraham Adelist
    Avraham Adelist7 timer siden


  • Whitney Findley
    Whitney Findley10 timer siden

    y you leav thr arcade

  • Devon Ochoa
    Devon Ochoa17 timer siden

    when u relize how fake this was at 1:33 there is a lady lmao

  • you're boy micheal the champ
    you're boy micheal the champDag siden


  • Foxy
    FoxyDag siden


  • Sergio Hernandez
    Sergio HernandezDag siden

    I am subscribed

  • cortlynn shepard
    cortlynn shepardDag siden

    I didn't know that James needed contacts to see!!

  • Cassie-Faye Gadsdon

    Cassie-Faye Gadsdon

    18 timer siden

    If you see future vids he has glasses

  • Jacob Charmley
    Jacob CharmleyDag siden


  • Jacob Charmley

    Jacob Charmley

    Dag siden

    Damn good hiding spots

  • Lubi Lexi
    Lubi LexiDag siden

    "its so tiring going up the stairs,why dont they have elevators?" -Nathan 2020

  • Aryon Ponce
    Aryon PonceDag siden


  • Ryan Appleby
    Ryan ApplebyDag siden

    How about hide and seek in a haunted house?

  • Malgorzata Schablitzki

    Malgorzata Schablitzki

    Dag siden

    Ryan Applebly I will hack u and take your money hehehehe

  • Bruna Murray
    Bruna MurrayDag siden

    Omg when James sang the Unspeakable song I sang along and laughed 😂💙it was perfect and hilariously cute Edit: thanks for all the likes lol

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    Erika BurnsDag siden


  • JR Baranoski
    JR BaranoskiDag siden

    i subscribed!

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    Whisk watching in 2020 like if you are

  • John Zachary Leongas
    John Zachary Leongas2 dager siden

    why does gabe only have a beard

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    Bernadette Peplinski2 dager siden

    I'm subed

  • Jaxon Cheng
    Jaxon Cheng2 dager siden

    at the zoo

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    Your the best

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    1 pepe ant subscribd

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  • Addison Awesomeness
    Addison Awesomeness3 dager siden

    If I was there I would be wayyyyyy faster than my friends and would run away

  • george valdez
    george valdez3 dager siden

    Gabe wasn’t found first

  • Famke Jongsma
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  • Famke Jongsma

    Famke Jongsma

    3 dager siden


  • Famke Jongsma

    Famke Jongsma

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  • Famke Jongsma

    Famke Jongsma

    3 dager siden


  • Famke Jongsma

    Famke Jongsma

    3 dager siden


  • Famke Jongsma
    Famke Jongsma3 dager siden


  • Famke Jongsma
    Famke Jongsma3 dager siden


  • Ken Livingstone
    Ken Livingstone4 dager siden

    I thank you will do 20 laps

  • April Lowther
    April Lowther4 dager siden

    They said it was hide and seek tag so the lifeguard is probably going to say no running

  • Laura Barker
    Laura Barker4 dager siden

    that was the worst spot ever Bec he can see you from the first floor

  • Nathan Willis
    Nathan Willis5 dager siden

    i love your guses videos i like james hes so funny and gues what nathan my name is nathan to

  • Linda Garrett
    Linda Garrett5 dager siden

    U should play hide and seek in the candy store plz i love ur vids maybe give me a shoutout plz favorite NOlocalr.

  • Jonathan Lalla
    Jonathan Lalla5 dager siden

    love it

  • Lindsay Green
    Lindsay Green5 dager siden

    No fair y'all get to be in that big water park

  • Kayla donuts
    Kayla donuts5 dager siden


  • Karen McClure
    Karen McClure6 dager siden


  • What Doing
    What Doing7 dager siden

    I love Allyour videos

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  • Colleen Brennan
    Colleen Brennan8 dager siden

    1006510 gs

  • Jordan Huls
    Jordan Huls8 dager siden

    4 or 3

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    Jessica Michener8 dager siden

    wher houos

  • Michelle Matzat
    Michelle Matzat9 dager siden


  • Michelle Matzat
    Michelle Matzat9 dager siden


  • Elaf Ali
    Elaf Ali9 dager siden

    Why cant you hide in the shower if there is a shower

  • Dorothea Merkiel
    Dorothea Merkiel9 dager siden


  • Makyna Sutherland
    Makyna Sutherland9 dager siden


  • yolo dank
    yolo dank9 dager siden

    Hey I speak life I know this isn’t about the video but I love your videos and you’re a really good do you tuber

  • shakaib khan
    shakaib khan10 dager siden

    When I saw the them nail I was like ”Yaaaasssssss hide and seek”!

  • angela hernandez
    angela hernandez10 dager siden


  • Corbin Eichman
    Corbin Eichman10 dager siden

    can you do more hide and seek

  • Lise R Johnsen
    Lise R Johnsen10 dager siden


  • Jasonthesharky Playz
    Jasonthesharky Playz11 dager siden

    I love your vids

  • S Webb
    S Webb11 dager siden

    Is it in lock down🔒⬇️

  • Searching Scrolls
    Searching Scrolls11 dager siden


  • Kevin Gopaul
    Kevin Gopaul11 dager siden

    Who else is watching this vid in Covid-19

  • Katie Whiteman
    Katie Whiteman12 dager siden

    BUT if you use a elivater it will be broke of the water

  • CODYGaming
    CODYGaming12 dager siden

    James would not find them without the wet footprints

  • Hallie Holmes
    Hallie Holmes12 dager siden


  • Jane Fisher
    Jane Fisher13 dager siden

    This soo aligel

  • yesplayyeet 2
    yesplayyeet 213 dager siden

    Next time you play hide and seek in the water go at midday

  • Linda Massengill
    Linda Massengill13 dager siden

    Why do I feel like its fake

  • Norange Mickey
    Norange Mickey13 dager siden

    9:39 that was Nathan

  • Norma Davila
    Norma Davila13 dager siden


  • Jana Maltby
    Jana Maltby13 dager siden

    Unspeakable: I need to hurry because it’s been at least two minutes, maybe even three. Me: IT HAS LITERALLY JUST TURNED INTO ONE MINUTE! DON’T PANIC! Like if you had the same or close to the same reaction.

  • isabella williams
    isabella williams13 dager siden

    Roses are red Violets are blue water parks are fun, Unspeakable but not better then you

  • Fire_Wolf911
    Fire_Wolf91113 dager siden

    19:17 - 19:22 look at gabes face XD

  • Fire_Wolf911
    Fire_Wolf91113 dager siden

    7:37 Left there was a black guy XD

  • talking stick
    talking stick13 dager siden

    Look at 0:21 Look back here when you did it Send this to someone to waste there timeXD

  • Jason Dingess
    Jason Dingess14 dager siden

    i bought a toy

  • black hole Superstar sharp star
    black hole Superstar sharp star14 dager siden

    maybe in universal

  • gamer guy
    gamer guy14 dager siden

    You know they James can follow their wet footprints

  • Rosemary Wormley
    Rosemary Wormley14 dager siden


  • Evan B
    Evan B14 dager siden

    To slow to be seconds

  • Charlie Slade
    Charlie Slade15 dager siden


  • stella morganti
    stella morganti15 dager siden

    Nathan your a pale boi

  • Bocicor Ovidiu
    Bocicor Ovidiu15 dager siden

    Or 10

  • Brendan McConkie
    Brendan McConkie15 dager siden

    And like my comments

  • Curtis Ethridge
    Curtis Ethridge15 dager siden

    You are the best NOlocalr

  • Diane Welch
    Diane Welch15 dager siden

    Gabe no one will ever find you in hidinseek

  • ssolar2010
    ssolar201015 dager siden

    hi unspeakable

  • Davis Hayes
    Davis Hayes15 dager siden

    i've been saying *how old is nathan* 🤔

  • Ivan Why am I alive olive oil
    Ivan Why am I alive olive oil15 dager siden

    I'm h

  • Ireland O'Connor
    Ireland O'Connor15 dager siden

    How do you get into these places!!

  • Ethan Orashan
    Ethan Orashan15 dager siden

    0:22 did you here him say 'unfortanatly' he wants to be in so he should have said 'fortunatly'

  • Diane Welch

    Diane Welch

    15 dager siden

    No one else was the tried to fine them

  • Ali Almohamad
    Ali Almohamad16 dager siden


  • Michael Carico
    Michael Carico16 dager siden

    i love it

  • a sweeney
    a sweeney16 dager siden

    I wanna do this!

  • Jen Mail
    Jen Mail16 dager siden

    One question everyone asks during vids like this: is this legal

  • Daniel Peters

    Daniel Peters

    5 dager siden

    I now

  • Dexty Doosty

    Dexty Doosty

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  • Bocicor Ovidiu

    Bocicor Ovidiu

    15 dager siden

    6 or 5

  • David Hardy

    David Hardy

    15 dager siden

    It is

  • Thomas Click

    Thomas Click

    15 dager siden

    They rented the waterpark🧐

  • Jdon Rackal
    Jdon Rackal17 dager siden

    I thing is 2 and I love you

    GOOFY FACE!!!17 dager siden

    I want you to play hide and seek in a carnival

  • SCR Trains
    SCR Trains17 dager siden

    Nathan: Why can’t they have an elevator| *Answer* Water and electricity are not the best of friends

  • Kristen Meyer

    Kristen Meyer

    14 dager siden


  • Monique Clulow

    Monique Clulow

    15 dager siden


  • Finn Plays

    Finn Plays

    15 dager siden

    That would also be expensive

  • Spencer Girdler
    Spencer Girdler17 dager siden

    14:13 nathan: there is not any unspeakable merch in here but yet again im not wereing any merch ether. me: dude you have a unspeakable hat on

  • Christine Borden
    Christine Borden17 dager siden


  • TheDiamondsword 6776
    TheDiamondsword 677617 dager siden


  • DexKing
    DexKing17 dager siden

    why cant you have an elevator,waitwait please repeat that for me. YOUR AT A WATERPARK DUDE

  • lully McGann
    lully McGann17 dager siden

    Lol I only saw some of the title and i saw it as We played HIDE & SEEK In A WATER