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  • Eli Remener
    Eli Remener5 timer siden

    The bat made my ears go to peace’s because my volume was turned All the way UP :/

  • Eli Remener
    Eli Remener5 timer siden

    Right when they open the safe then there not violent any more

  • Crowned Soda
    Crowned Soda5 timer siden

    unspeakable is best BOW DOWN NOW HE KING

  • moaz mujahid
    moaz mujahid8 timer siden

    sell lt

  • J Nonya
    J Nonya9 timer siden

    Pawn it

  • Santiago Lara
    Santiago Lara11 timer siden


  • Santiago Lara
    Santiago Lara11 timer siden


  • Santiago Lara
    Santiago Lara11 timer siden

    Not Now

  • Santiago Lara
    Santiago Lara11 timer siden


  • Lady Lynn
    Lady Lynn11 timer siden

    We see no

  • Siti Rahimah
    Siti Rahimah13 timer siden


    TIN HTUN OO15 timer siden

    it is my safe

  • Lucas Somero
    Lucas Somero18 timer siden

    part 3 pawn it

  • herofromthedark
    herofromthedark18 timer siden

    I think the stuff belonged to a couple who shared a strong bond and the husband died or went missing and the wife buried the stuff he maybe liked how it looked on her or she buried it cause she wore it when they met and all the good times they had or it was all the gifts he gave her and their favorite pieces of jewelry. Also Unspeakable I love your videos.

  • Albert yes Toni no 1988
    Albert yes Toni no 198820 timer siden

    you should return into the correct owner because it's much incorrect to keep it because if you do that that's just stealing stuff that you don't want to get to jail with

  • Edward Grabczewski
    Edward Grabczewski21 time siden

    Do a part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Golden Zombie
    Golden Zombie22 timer siden


  • Casey Perez
    Casey Perez23 timer siden

    Can I have money

  • Rehan Wahed
    Rehan WahedDag siden

    Find the owner of

  • thania & sofia Ortiz
    thania & sofia OrtizDag siden


  • crystal claspell
    crystal claspellDag siden

    Keep the stuff keep the gold keep everything the note said keep

  • crystal claspell
    crystal claspellDag siden

    Keep the safe

  • Liam Pekarev
    Liam PekarevDag siden

    Sell it

  • Drage Okey
    Drage OkeyDag siden

    where did you Find it

  • andre Burns II
    andre Burns IIDag siden

    Find the owner of the safe

  • canyon keith
    canyon keithDag siden

    Sell it

  • Neil Rogers
    Neil RogersDag siden

    you shudfind theoner

  • Hannah Nelson
    Hannah NelsonDag siden

    give it to the musame

  • Sammantha Stephens
    Sammantha StephensDag siden

    Keep it

  • Spicer Life
    Spicer LifeDag siden


  • Yuzhi Neo
    Yuzhi Neo2 dager siden

    you should sell it

  • Phillip Jordan
    Phillip Jordan2 dager siden

    Part 3

  • Mandy Scheer
    Mandy Scheer2 dager siden

    Try to find the owner

  • paul davey ong
    paul davey ong2 dager siden

    hey i thing thats message was from the girl and that paper was for a husband or father that pass away

  • Amaira Agarwal
    Amaira Agarwal2 dager siden

    try the keypad enter a code

  • Aimee Tarlow
    Aimee Tarlow2 dager siden

    It mite be like 1m

  • Aimee Tarlow
    Aimee Tarlow2 dager siden

    That should sell it

  • Kristin Cavanaugh
    Kristin Cavanaugh2 dager siden


  • Charles Loughlin
    Charles Loughlin2 dager siden

    I love this video

  • Rachel O'Brien
    Rachel O'Brien2 dager siden

    I think it is poooo

  • Nindita Widhiono
    Nindita Widhiono2 dager siden


  • Wenjing Xue
    Wenjing Xue2 dager siden

    ) 6 rf ucu6mh h

  • Carlos Cardona
    Carlos Cardona2 dager siden

    Part three

  • Catherine Vendola
    Catherine Vendola2 dager siden


  • Sissy
    Sissy2 dager siden

    Yes unspeakable

  • team cattus
    team cattus2 dager siden

    That poor safe is getting bullied

  • ashir Asim
    ashir Asim2 dager siden

    You should seleing and youse in your vlog channel

  • Nerdmech76
    Nerdmech762 dager siden

    Did you make part 3

  • Kristi Ramsey
    Kristi Ramsey2 dager siden

    keep it

  • Amy Duckart
    Amy Duckart2 dager siden

    sell it pls

  • NinjaGaming 415
    NinjaGaming 4152 dager siden

    Part three

  • Benjamin Gaver
    Benjamin Gaver2 dager siden

    Do a part 3 dude unspeakable

  • Cole R
    Cole R2 dager siden

    That loud even not being there!

  • Midnight Wølf
    Midnight Wølf2 dager siden

    Nathan's neighbors probably had enough so they don't mind anymore

  • Oodiecuties Pets
    Oodiecuties Pets2 dager siden

    If you sold all that stuff you Might make a couple thousand money bc it's diamonds and gold

  • Oodiecuties Pets
    Oodiecuties Pets2 dager siden

    I say let Gabe hit it with the axe again

    MISTY ESCOBAR3 dager siden

    You should let me try to help you



    3 dager siden

    And my name is Nicholas and I am 8 years old

  • Unicorn Joe
    Unicorn Joe3 dager siden

    How are you going to open ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Afiqe Mehmandarova
    Afiqe Mehmandarova3 dager siden




  • joseph galleto
    joseph galleto3 dager siden

    Find da owner

  • Teena DiRaffaele
    Teena DiRaffaele3 dager siden


  • Teena DiRaffaele

    Teena DiRaffaele

    3 dager siden


  • Daniel Keane Laudencia
    Daniel Keane Laudencia3 dager siden

    I now what is letter now

  • Yr Litsero
    Yr Litsero3 dager siden

    What if it have money the vacume sucted it you now

  • Yr Litsero
    Yr Litsero3 dager siden

    I hAve a nother acount cellphone I cant subs I have to sign in sorry Im a fan of you

  • Yr Litsero
    Yr Litsero3 dager siden

    I have something crazy explore the mariana chrench

  • Yr Litsero
    Yr Litsero3 dager siden

    Next time find a chest somewere

  • Alvin Loria
    Alvin Loria3 dager siden

    Omg what in the world

  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller3 dager siden


  • Melissa Swartz
    Melissa Swartz3 dager siden

    Part three

  • Siddiq Alhagari
    Siddiq Alhagari3 dager siden

    Sell it

  • The Messenger
    The Messenger3 dager siden

    The two keys that you found in that paper probably go together

  • Sabian Army
    Sabian Army3 dager siden

    Hi I Light 17 people

  • Melinda Alderton
    Melinda Alderton3 dager siden

    Keep it

  • Oliver6 Ruthven
    Oliver6 Ruthven3 dager siden

    yes keep it and try and find some more clothes

  • Oliver6 Ruthven
    Oliver6 Ruthven3 dager siden


  • Shhdhdhsgs Dhhskfhhd
    Shhdhdhsgs Dhhskfhhd3 dager siden

    tHAtS MINE

  • Shhdhdhsgs Dhhskfhhd
    Shhdhdhsgs Dhhskfhhd3 dager siden

    Looking at that THATS MINe

  • Terri Willman-Zeal
    Terri Willman-Zeal3 dager siden

    Try to find the owner

  • Bepo Kotlar
    Bepo Kotlar4 dager siden


  • Skyler Wiley
    Skyler Wiley4 dager siden

    You should build a time machine and go back in time stay where you found the cool case and wait for someone to barry it tell them that you in the future will find it then ask questions about the note.

  • Rouf Pirzada
    Rouf Pirzada4 dager siden

    Keep it

  • Linda Lopez
    Linda Lopez4 dager siden

    1932 792

  • Daisy Cardenas
    Daisy Cardenas4 dager siden

    😲I wut 💵💵💲💲💲💲💲💸💸💱💷💶💴💵💲💰💰💳💳

  • Timothy Pierce
    Timothy Pierce4 dager siden

    Keep the jelry

  • caroline sanchez
    caroline sanchez4 dager siden

    Certainly acts with the in the front so I can open my bottle

  • LLama and Goose Vlogs
    LLama and Goose Vlogs4 dager siden

    Find the owner and see if she’s alive or past on. And if she’s alive then see if she wants it back or if y’all can keep all the stuff

  • Benly Aquino
    Benly Aquino4 dager siden

    You should find the owner to be a good person nathan

  • Julissa Cruz
    Julissa Cruz4 dager siden


  • Emily Lucas
    Emily Lucas4 dager siden

    Go back and sell

  • Shilohs life
    Shilohs life4 dager siden

    Unspeakable the thing is some people can not sub because I had to sign some thing

  • Dave Rullens
    Dave Rullens4 dager siden

    Yazzzzzz, part 3!!!!!

  • Kenechi Nwigwe
    Kenechi Nwigwe4 dager siden

    find the owner

  • Parker Roffman
    Parker Roffman4 dager siden


  • Isg zxlo
    Isg zxlo4 dager siden

    Sell it

  • Ayooluwa JAIYEOLA
    Ayooluwa JAIYEOLA4 dager siden

    You are welcome

  • Vicky Thai
    Vicky Thai4 dager siden


  • Martin Molloy
    Martin Molloy5 dager siden


  • Northpine THS
    Northpine THS5 dager siden

    unspeakible that is a lie i know u ling u made it up looser im not dum

  • Sandra Salyer
    Sandra Salyer5 dager siden

    Well ya James is the funny one.